Outlander Recap: S03E02 “Surrender”

This Outlander  Recap contains spoilers for S03E02 “Surrender” Just to let everyone know that they are indeed watching Outlander, at the beginning season three’s second episode, Surrender, Starz kindly informs its audience that the episode is rated Mature for strong sexual content and violence. (And of

Weekend Reads: An Enchantment of Ravens

An Enchantment of Ravens, Margaret Rogerson In the tradition of fantasy novelists such as Holly Black, Margaret Roberson’s debut, An Enchantment of Ravens, delivers readers true love and treachery with a fresh take on  fairies. Isobel is a phenomenally talented portrait artist for some very

Where the Hell Is Everyone?

For the past three weeks, The Nerd League has been a near-barren land left to its own luck. It has faced Internet trolls, dwindling traffic, and a whole lot of apathy. Are we here to apologize? Not exactly. While 0.001% of you have been checking

Outlander Recap: S03E01 “The Battle Joined”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E01 “The Battle Joined” Now that Game of Thrones is over and won’t return for another millennium, avid TV-fans need another show to fill their Sunday nights. And, as luck would have it, another addictive show has returned to

5 More Outrageous Facts About Famous Artists

Now that you’ve been warmed up, let’s talk about some more weird facts about famous artists you know and love. Brace yourself, you might learn some things here that you can’t unlearn. Here are your art facts of the day: 1. Marcel Duchamp was either

4 Game of Thrones Fan Theories the Finale Could Confirm

Who’s ready for some Game of Thrones fan theories? This Sunday night, HBO is dropping its seventh Game of Thrones season finale with a record 79-minute runtime. And boy are we in for some doozies. Ever since diverging from the books, showrunners D.B. Weiss and David

Weekend Reads: Thornhill

Thornhill, Pam Smy A few weeks ago I wrote about Emma Cline’s novel, The Girls, and how deeply unsettling it is. Pam Smy’s gorgeously illustrated novel, Thornhill, is just as atmospheric and unsettling, but for different reasons. It’s the kind of book that’ll keep you

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