21 Questions The OA’s Second Season Needs to Answer

We’re over the moon here at TNL since we found out The OA has been renewed for a second season. It is so great to know we will for sure be getting more of precious cinnamon roll Buck Vu, more of French’s constant class act. There will be more of Hap’s piercing eyes, Prairie’s sadness, and Homer’s face. Or so we hope, because we have no idea which of these characters are real at this point. That being said, we’re still busy trying to figure out what the hell happened in the first season. There are just so many questions?

Here’s a list of things we’d like the writers to keep in mind as they write the scripts, because, gurrrrl, whattt?

  1. Why does Riz Ahmed keep lying to us? We trusted you, Elias.

  2. Is Homer just a figment of Prairie’s imagination? Because if he is, we don’t think we can take it.

  3. If it is true that Prairie’s story is like an alternate reality she constructed, does that mean real-life Hap is a good person? We just want Jason Isaacs to be a nice guy for once.

  4. Are French and Buck going to be BFFs? Because that granola-sharing scene was lyfe.

  5. IS PRAIRIE DYING? I mean, she did jump off a bridge and survived, so we’re sure she’s fine…

  6. Why didn’t Rachel get her moves?

  7. Is Homer still alive? Will he ever find Prairie?

  8. WHO is the “Homer” she’s talking to at the end?

  9. Is Nina ever going to be reunited with her dad?

  10. Are people going to leave town after the shooting incident?

  11. What is going to happen with the shooter?

  12. Was Prairie ever really blind?

  13. Are there other movements?

  14. What happened to Prairie’s aunt? (Not that we’d care if she’s dead).

  15. Will Nancy ever chill?

  16. Will Steve’s parents still send him to Asheville?

  17. Okay, but where is Prairie? A mental asylum? Because that’s either a new, weird afterlife space, a mental asylum, or the alternate reality with Homer. The latter relying on the movements having worked.

  18. THAT BEING SAID, if she’s in a new alternate universe how are we supposed to know if that’s real or if her story was a lie?

  19. Can we go over the angel thing one more time? What exactly does being an angel entail?

  20. Will this end in the OA’s suicide?

  21. Is there a happy ending?

I’m sure you probably have like sixty other questions, so feel free to drop them on the comments section. OR BETTER YET, maybe you have some answers. Do share those, for the sanity of the people.



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