48 Fictional Women You Would See at the Women’s March

Today, the world has stopped in its tracks to celebrate and defend women’s rights. In almost every corner of the world, the #Resistance is flourishing with millions attending the Women’s March. Yet, how many more people would be at this march, if only our beloved fictional characters could partake in it? Here’s a list of 48 kick-ass women who would’ve certainly made an appearance, had they only been real:

1-3. Harley Quinn, arriving with Poison Ivy and a reluctant-to-be-with-them Catwoman.

© DC

Would 10/10 arrive with a “Free the Nipple” poster and no shirt. Her companions might’ve set some things on fire.

4-7. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Iris West, and Ms. Marvel

© DC

Would arrive early and lead the Women’s March.

8. Princess Leia Organa

© Disney

Actually came up with and organized the Women’s March.

9-11. Darlene, Angela & Trenton

© USA Network

These girls would not only attend, but find a way to change the ads on Times Square to feminist propaganda.

12-14. Hermione Granger, in company of Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood

© WB

Our girl would’ve prepared informative pamphlets on the history of female oppression, and her companions would be helping her give them out.

15-17. Violet Baudelaire and Sunny Baudelaire, escorted by Jacquelyn

© Netflix

Violet would be holding up a sign saying “Stop Child Marriage,” while Sunny would be busy gifting death glares at any march hater.

18-22. The Bennet Sisters

© Focus Features

Would look flawless and dainty. Would lend Violet a ribbon when she needs it to fix somebody’s broken camera.

23. Maeve


Maeve would definitely escape the park for this occasion and march completely naked.

24. Katniss Everdeen

© Lionsgate

Remember those on-fire dresses Katniss wore for the pre-Hunger Games show? Yeah, that was just practice.

25-28. Daenerys Targaryen, Missandei, Sansa and Arya Stark


Daenerys would fly them in with her dragons (because at this point they all know each other), and they would all proceed to intimidate the nay-sayers with their sass. Unfortunately, Sansa wasn’t allowed to bring dogs to the Women’s March.

29-31. Jessica Jones, Karen Page & Claire Temple

© Netflix

Jessica would try to pretend she isn’t there by hiding behind her hoodie. Karen would be ready to cheer with the crowd, and Claire would walk with the air of confidence that can spark any revolution.

32-33. Princess Mia Thermopolis & Her Mom

© Disney

Her Royal Highness would fly in from Genovia to participate in the march in San Francisco with her mother.

34. Mulan

© Disney

Would organize the march in China and make sure that the emperor not only supports it, but advertises, promotes, and pays for it.

35-37. Monica Geller, Rachel Green, and Phoebe Buffay


The girls would be marching it up in New York City,  no questions asked.

38-40. Joyce Byers, with Eleven and Nancy Wheeler

© Netflix

Would be ready to kick some ass, but would remain peaceful and simply look fierce. Eleven would be on the lookout for any troublemaker to stop ’em on their tracks.

41. Tiana

© Disney

This girl would be put intersectional feminism on high by combining the #BlackLivesMatter movement with the Women’s March she’d organize in New Orleans.

42-43. Elsa & Anna

© Disney

Would attend one of the European marches and hold up signs supporting LGBT.

44. Audrey Horne


She’d do anything to get out of Twin Peaks as it stands, but this girl definitely has the energy to go all the way to Washington.

45. Holly Golightly

© Paramount

Holly would be waiting by Tiffany’s on 5th, ready to smile at the crowd while screaming at the top of her lungs that people don’t belong to other people. She would also host an after party, and it would be fabulous.

46-48. The Villanueva Women

© CW

Obviously, Jane, Xo, and Abuela would all make an appearance at the Women’s March nearest to them. Not only that, but they’d hold up signs in Spanish with Frida Khalo quotes and other badass Hispanic women.


Did we miss any of your favorite women? Let us know in the comments!



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