Anime Tuesdays: Another

© P.A. Works

© P.A. Works

Ever felt like the odd one out in a high school classroom? Kind of like nobody talks to you or even acknowledges your presence? It sure sounds like my teenage life sometimes. Except in this show all the hate is a necessary evil. Welcome to Another, the most amazing anime thriller ever.

The Premise

Kōichi Sakakibara transfers to a new school. Like most transfer kids trying to get acquainted with the lay of the land, he becomes thoroughly curious of everything around him. His attention is finally grabbed by Mei Misaki, a kind-of-dead looking girl with an eyepatch. After realizing that nobody talks to her, Kōichi decides to figure out what the deal is, but in doing so unleashes a series of events that will probably freak the living life out of you. Let’s just leave it at that.

Why You Should Watch It

I’m not one for scary movies, but I do get a kick out of psychological thrillers. I like to test my smarts from time to time. It keeps the brain young. This 12-episode anime is just long enough to cover its whole mystery, and short enough to not overdo it. Every aspect of its thriller is executed with the utmost care, and the plot has enough meat to keep you going even as the big reveals start unfolding. The art is also pretty fabulous, mixing shoujo style drawings with some rad, highly goth coloring and detail. I watched this two summers ago alone in my dorm room. Two years later, I still think about this anime all the time.

© P.A. Works

© P.A. Works

Anime Tuesdays is a Tuesday column of The Nerd League featuring current or exceptional anime we think is worth checking out. To keep up with this week’s pick click here.



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