Anime Tuesdays: Attack on Titan

© WIT Studio

© WIT Studio

If you have friends who watch anime, then you’ve probably heard about Attack on Titan. They’ve also probably mentioned two things. 1. It’s amazing. 2. When it comes to releasing new episodes, the creators took notes from the BBC Sherlock people. Both things are very true, and for once comfort can be found in the fact that there’s been a recent announcement that season two will be released in Spring 2017. Yes, it’s still some light years away, but at least there’s a date. Which they better not move like SOME PEOPLE (stares blatantly at Sherlock producers). It also gives you ample time to catch up, and even read the manga if you so desire.

The Premise

All of humanity is forced to live behind walls, as Titans (huge zombie-crazed humanoids) are all about eating people. While everyone’s lives are equally F’d up and sad, the series focuses on Eren Yeager, your typical too-young-to-be-dealing-with-this-crap protagonist, and his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. After Eren’s town is destroyed and his mother is eaten, the trio joins the military to help defeat the Titans. Of course, as with everything, the circumstances reveal the seams of human nature as duty and survival clash.

Why You Should Watch It

Attack on Titan has honestly one of the most solid storylines in recent anime. It seeks to occupy its spot among the likes of Bleach, Death Note, and all those other “big name” series that are synonymous with any otaku viewer. Of course, it is yet to be determined if the show will have a giant an arc as Bleach, or a big a punch as Death Note. In any case, you’d get to buy one of those cool backpacks everyone who watched this show has. Except for me. I don’t have one. Buy me one.

© WIT Studio

© WIT Studio

Anime Tuesdays is a Tuesday column of The Nerd League featuring current or exceptional anime we think is worth checking out. To keep up with this week’s pick click here.



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