Anime Tuesdays: FLCL

© Production I.G.

© Production I.G.

FLCL, otherwise known as Fooly Cooly, makes absolutely no sense. The most nonsensical thing about it is how much you can actually enjoy such a dismembered narrative. AnimeFreak lists the show under action, comedy, dementia, mecha, parody, and sci-fi. The reality is that I don’t think we’ll be able to agree on anything more concise than that. The nature of this anime is precisely the kind of madness makes your head hurt, but in a good way. Some people believe in watching it twice, but honestly you don’t get any closer to the “truth” of the narrative even by the fifth run. Instead, this audiovisual extravaganza of experimental scenes, amazing art style, and a killer rock-and-roll soundtrack to boot will take you on a six-episode ride that you won’t regret taking. The show has survived so well over the years that it is getting two new seasons more than ten years after its original release.

The Premise

12-year-old Naota Nadaba was minding his own business (and by own business I mean his brother’s girlfriend) when out of nowhere a woman in a Vespa knocks him out with her electric guitar. After performing CPR on him, the woman simply rides away leaving Naota with a horn sticking out of his head. This horn increases as he has perverted thoughts and sometimes it also expulses robots. The woman, later identified as Haruko Haruhara, then becomes Naota’s maid for no reason. And really, everything that happens after that makes even less sense, so good luck.

Why You Should Watch It

Remember when you finally learned to eat sushi? Salmon? When you watched French films and nodded along? When you first looked at a Picasso and went like, I get it? Yeah, that’s why you should watch FLCL. It is a delectable concoction of bizarre and brilliant that, while leaving you with many questions, gives you a new perception of anime. It truly is a thing in it and of itself that just happened to use anime as its vehicle. This show is like a David Lynch film: you don’t get it half the time, but you really feel immersed in whatever fictional lie it’s trying to feed you. You should watch this anime so you can brag to your friends that you did. And did I mention the awesome soundtrack? Really, the soundtrack.

© Production I.G.

© Production I.G.

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