Anime Tuesdays: Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name)

Once every thousand years, a comet passes through Japan. Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu are only two of the millions of people who are dying to see this event that so few generations get to see. Kimi no Na wa., otherwise known as Your Name is the highest-grossing anime film of all time, even surpassing Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. But Rome wasn’t built in a day. Makoto Shinkai, the creative mind behind Kimi no Na Wa., has past rodeos, including 5 Centimeters Per Second. Granted, as population grows it’s unfair to compare Spirited Away‘s numbers from 15 years ago to Your Name‘s, but still. Call it the highest-grossing film of the year if you want. Fact stands that Kimi no Na wa. is worth the praise.

The Premise

I can’t tell you if it’s before the comet, during the comet, or after the comet. But what you need to know is that Mitsuha, a country girl living in the Hida mountain region, and Taki, a Tokyo student switch bodies every other day. The problem is that just as in dreams, they can’t remember what they did when they wake up. They realize something is going on by the weird comments people keep making and the gaps in their memory. Eventually, they devise a plan to leave notes on each other’s phones detailing what they did while in the other’s body. The problem is, are their exchanges subjected to time and space?

Why You Should Watch It

First of all, Kimi no Na Wa. is a movie. You can definitely spare two hours of your life to have your insides twisted and your heart broken, mended, and then stepped on for good measure. Your Name has many virtues. On the one hand, it’s funny and light hearted. For the first hour or so you get to enjoy the best of Japanese shoujo mixed with supernatural elements. You get to experience the Tokyo life, vibrant with coffee shops and open highways, and the rural life of mountainous Japan, rich in tradition, shrines, and close-knit communities. It literally is, as Hannah Montana would say, the best of both worlds.

Now, as funny as seeing Taki grab onto Mitsuha’s boobs every time they exchange bodies, the movie becomes a masterpiece one Taki and Mitsuha try to find each other in their own bodies.  All of a sudden, the tone of the film changes. It’s like you’re watching a different movie with the same characters. Trying to decode the mystery of the film is both thrilling and heart-wrenching, and the end result won’t disappoint. But if none of this information is enough to get you watching right now, just bask in the perfection of Kimi no Na wa.‘s art:

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