Anime Tuesdays: Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish)

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If you’re unpopular with men, a huge nerd, and are thoroughly unemployed: this show’s about you. Kuragehime, also known as Princess Jellyfish is a funny, fast-paced, and wildly unique story about what happens once you come of age…and nothing happens.

The Premise

Tsukimi Kurashita moved to Tokyo in hopes of becoming a successful illustrator. So far, she’s 19, broke, and living with five fellow otaku women she met on the Internet.

All six members of the self-proclaimed Nunz community (because they’re virgins and afraid of men) are unemployed, quirky, and soon-to-be evicted. Each girl is obsessed with something different. For one, it’s trains. For the other, it’s…old men? In Tsukimi’s case, she knows everything about jellyfish.

It all started back when she saw them at an aquarium with her late mother. They both agreed the jellyfish’s flowy shape makes them look like they’re wearing beautiful dresses. Tsukimi often recalls her mother telling her all girls are princesses, but after her passing, Tsukimi becomes increasingly unsure of herself.

Settling into a complacent lifestyle, Tsukimi only starts considering herself beautiful when a fashionable girl saves her from an altercation at a pet shop. In the end, her new friend spends the night, and Tsukimi becomes the proud owner of a jellyfish named Clara.

Of course, everything’s about to change when Tsukimi wakes up the next morning to find the beautiful girl is actually Kuranosuke Koibuchi, a rich college male.

Why You Should Watch It

If you immediately thought a love story was going to develop between Tsukimi and Kuranosuke, you’re wrong. And that’s one of the many surprises Princess Jellyfish has in store for you. I’m not saying nothing will ever happen between them. But the story primarily focuses on Tsukimi’s growth and how polar opposites can learn from each other.

Princess Jellyfish succeeds at both offering us a glimpse into our own unactionable lives and a map out of it.  It’s only 11 episodes and provides solid entertainment for the four hours you’ll dedicate to it. I fully recommend it to any self-proclaimed otaku. Which means, everyone should give Princess Jellyfish a try.




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