Anime Tuesdays: Pokémon (Indigo League)

© Pokémon Company

© Pokémon Company

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you were a kid in the 90s, you watched and played Pokémon. So evidently I’m not writing this review to encourage you to “discover” the world of pocket monsters. Rather, I’d like you to rejoice in its second coming. Since the release of Pokémon GO, I now see a bunch of my friends duly Snapchatting their Pokémon marathons. The app has indeed rekindled their love for becoming the very best. But it has also brought to their attention that “augmented reality” is still not “reality.” Why? Because their Pokémon quests will simply never be as legit as Ash Ketchum’s.

The Premise

It’s Ash Ketchum’s 10th birthday, and he’s celebrating it in style. Like every other 10-year-old, Ash is headed to Professor Oak’s lab to receive his very first pokémon. Of course, instead of getting a normal, complacent pokémon, Ash is handed a rebellious electric rat that has no interest in his quest. Oh, and refuses to get inside a pokéball, because whatever. With this, the viewer quickly learns that Ash simply cannot have nice things. Pretty much every pokémon or human Ash crosses paths with has severe behavioral issues. But it’s all fair in the game of Pokémon.

The Ash-Pikachu duo is not the only team to look forward to. The greatest trio of all time forms within the first episodes following Ash’s robbery of Misty’s bike and Ash’s first gym battle against Brock.  And of course, what is a good show without amazing villains? Enter Jesse and James, the world’s most likable antiheroes. They float around in a Meowth hot-air balloon for no apparent reason and are mostly obsessed with stealing Pikachu. And if that isn’t enough, there’s also prick Gary Oak ready to take the bully trope to another level. (Doesn’t help that the kid has deep-seated connections with the higher-ups, AKA his grandfather Professor Oak.) This show, in case you had forgotten, really is what dreams are made of.

Why You Should Watch It

Because you know you want to.

© Pokémon Company

© Pokémon Company

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