Anime Tuesdays: Skip Beat!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever suffered over somebody who’s not worth the time of day. Well, imagine if your childhood crush became a huge pop star and left you for dead after working you as his maid. Sucks, huh? But what goes around comes back around, and Skip Beat! is here to teach us that revenge is a dish best served cold.

The Premise

Kyouko Mogami just wanted to be a good friend to Shoutarou Fuwa when she agreed to run away with him to Tokyo.  Even though he became cold and demanding as soon as they arrived, Kyouko worked tirelessly to support him. Soon enough, she discovers that Sho, as he is called by his fans, thinks of her as dull and is actively pursuing other women. Kyouko confronts him and vows to get revenge, but Sho will only admit defeat if she becomes a bigger star than him. Those words are enough to convince Kyouko to try and climb the ladder of show biz.  And while at first her motivations are not the best, hardships and challenges will prove to Kyouko that acting might be her calling after all.

Why You Should Watch It

Sometimes in life we don’t get the opportunity to go back to those who have wronged us and parade our success in their faces. Skip Beat! gives you the opportunity to cheer on Kyouko from the start and partake in the amazing moment of revenge. Aside from that, you can also fall in love with actor Ren Tsuruga along with the rest of the world. (This is the shipping feast of a lifetime). The 25-episode Skip Beat! is hysterical, moves quickly, and will leave you begging for more. I certainly had to pick the manga up after this one. This is certainly one of my favorite anime of all time. And if I can’t convince you, maybe this screen cap will:



Kyouko is the voice of a generation.

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