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So, we have involved ourselves with Yuri!!! On Ice quite a lot here on TNL. There was a definitive ranking of characters and a full-fledged review. And that’s because Yuri!! on Ice is awesome and everybody should watch it. (Especially if you like figure skating). The thing is, rumor has it that a second season will be released in October, which means it’s prime time to hop on the bandwagon.

The Premise

Yuri!!! on Ice follows the story of Yuuri Katsuki, a Japanese figure skater with severe anxiety.  For Yuuri, ice skating and eating his mom’s pork cutlet bowls are the only things that keep him sane. Perhaps for this reason it was never really his intention to compete as a skater. However, after dedicating so many hours to practicing, he finds himself competing at the figure skating Grand Prix anyways. Once there, his mission is to prove himself in front of his idol, Russian skater Viktor Nikiforov. Unfortunately, his anxiety gets the best of him causing him to collapse under pressure.

Once home, Yuuri gives up on skating and starts gaining weight. For a while, it seemed like things might never look up for him. Except one day he heads to the rink to practice for old time’s sake. Yuuri performs Viktor’s famous program that he knows by heart and inadvertently gets filmed and ends up on the Internet. Soon enough, the video reaches Viktor, who decides to fly to Japan and become Yuuri’s coach.

Why You Should Watch It

First of all, Yuri!!! on Ice isn’t based on an a manga or a light novel. Instead, it’s an anime script that looks to emulate some aspects of real ice skaters competing internationally today. In fact, many of them have watched the show and have commended it for its  accuracy. The 12 episodes center around two different competitions where we get to see a diverse cast of competitors, all representing different countries and cultures.

And don’t let the length of the show fool you. Even though there are only 12 episodes in its first season, Yuri!!! on Ice counts with an extensive original soundtrack. Each of the main competitors have their own theme, and our protagonists have multiple. It’s very well put together, never loses its pacing, and allows us to get involved in the personal lives of the performers. In this way, the programs become more meaningful to us as viewers because we understand where the skater is coming from.

A fan favorite, Yuri Plisetsky, is another huge reason why you should watch this. Referred to as “The Russian Fairy” in the Yuri on Ice fandom, Yuri (or Yurio), was Viktor’s original understudy. He flies to Japan to convince Viktor to return, only to get sucked into his senpai’s crazy plans.

Oh, and the OP is amazing. Here you have it:

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