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Review: Do You Have to Be a Masochist to Enjoy Cuphead?

Cuphead Vitals: Genres: Platforming Action, Run and Gun, Boss Rush Consoles: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 Release Date: September 29, 2017 Developer: Studio MDHR Publisher: Studio MDHR Players: 1-2 (Local Co-Op) Price: USD$19.99 (Steam,  Xbox Live Marketplace ) USD$11.67 (GOG) ESRB Rating: Everyone +10 Are you

Review: Did Nostalgia Save Power Rangers Reboot?

Power Rangers is a reboot of the 90s children’s TV show Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993) that follows a group of teenage superheroes tasked with defending the Earth from the evil alien Rita Repulsa and her horde of minions. For the most part, Power Rangers

Review: Marvel’s Doctor Strange

[Spoiler-infested waters. Swim at your own risk.] Doctor Strange is definitely not a household name, and many probably learned of his existence because of this film. The character’s relatively low popularity makes the fact that Marvel Studios is taking a risk by releasing this movie

Review: Luke Cage [Minor Spoilers]

I loved Netflix’s Jessica Jones. By the time I had finished watching it, it had become my favorite superhero show. The original and deeply engaging story, mixed with incredible acting, interesting characters, and excellent production made for a memorable first season. At its release, I

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