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Outlander Recap: S03E9 “The Doldrums”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E9 “The Doldrums”. “The Doldrums” is a freakin’ great episode.  It’s perhaps the most solid episode so far, in terms of there being no aspects of this episode that upset or disappointed me in any way.  And I would

Outlander Recap: S03E8 “First Wife”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E8 “First Wife”. Reading the title of this episode alone will give you a pretty straight-forward summary of this episode: Shit goes dooooowwn. The episode begins when Jamie, Ian, and Claire arrive at Lallybroch. The episode begins with another

Outlander Recap: S03E6 “A. Malcolm”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E6 “A. Malcolm” Take the following ingredients: The story of a husband and wife that reunite after a painful 20-year separation, two incredibly talented actors that are 100% invested in the emotional journey of their characters, and 75 minutes

Outlander Recap: S03E05 “Freedom & Whisky”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E5 “Freedom & Whisky”  All through this season, there has been a bit of a dissonance between Claire and Jamie. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “No shit, María, they were in different centuries”. The dissonance has been more

Outlander Recap: S03E04 “Of Lost Things”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E4 “Of Lost Things” You know this episode is going to give you feels because it starts with the craving of Sawny #2. (Recap for last week’s episode can be found here). Also, before you begin to read: this

Outlander Recap: S03E03 “All Debts Paid”

This  Outlander  Recap contains spoilers for S03E03 “All Debts Paid” What’s the most ironic thing to start an episode called “All Debts Paid” with? Of course, a medical student. This episode of Outlander opens in the Randall home, in 1956. Claire is reading for one of her classes and discovers

Outlander Recap: S03E02 “Surrender”

This Outlander  Recap contains spoilers for S03E02 “Surrender” Just to let everyone know that they are indeed watching Outlander, at the beginning season three’s second episode, Surrender, Starz kindly informs its audience that the episode is rated Mature for strong sexual content and violence. (And of

Outlander Recap: S03E01 “The Battle Joined”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E01 “The Battle Joined” Now that Game of Thrones is over and won’t return for another millennium, avid TV-fans need another show to fill their Sunday nights. And, as luck would have it, another addictive show has returned to

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