The Best Beauty and the Beast Tumblr Posts

Life ceased to exist as I knew it after I watched Beauty and the Beast last Friday. Since that fateful day, I’ve already given away more of my sacred and limited funds to rewatch it. I’ve also OD’d on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack (particularly “Evermore,” because why lie). I’ve also trolled the deep waters of the Interwebs in search for the best Beauty and the Beast Tumblr posts.

Because you know what’s the thing? That movie is only 2 hours and 9 minutes long. Even after seeing it twice, I have only prolonged its lifespan to 4 hours and 18 minutes. If you count my impressive (and concerning) ability to transport myself whilst listening to the soundtrack, we could add a couple more hours. BUT STILL, I simply can’t get enough.

So if like me you’re spiraling down a rabbit hole of unexpected growls and talking tea cups, here are the best Beauty and the Beast Tumblr posts to keep you company. Fret not, there is a whole section dedicated to the Growl™. Because priorities.

So pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents:

The Best Beauty and the Beast Tumblr Posts

Beauty and the Beast Tumblr Posts

© Disney

First things first, it’s important to keep it real:

(And here’s an INFJ agreeing with you. Honestly, I would take anything that likes to read over the likes of Gaston “Books?” [insert unknown last name here]).

We also have to recognize who are the real victims here (us):

And sometimes Tumblr is just Tumblr, and things happen:ére-maybe-she-is-the-one-beast-i-think-she

And as promised, here’s the Growl™ section:

And it can get pretty detailed:

There are also important LeFou (and Gaston) discussions to be had:

And lest not forget our own tears:

Hope you enjoyed these Beauty and the Beast Tumblr posts, because there’s really nothing else we can offer you for the time being…Where in God’s green earth are those DVDs. I don’t even need BlueRay.



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