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Weekend Reads: Sleepless #1

Sleepless #1, Sarah Vaughn & Leila Del Duca I’ve been reading a whole lot of fantasy lately but the first issue of Sarah Vaugh’s comic book series, Sleepless, is unlike anything I’ve come across in quite a while. It’s eerie, and gorgeous, and ripe with

Weekend Reads: River of Teeth

River of Teeth, Sarah Gailey Did you know that in the early twentieth century, Congress planned to fix America’s meat shortage by importing hippos and raising them in Louisiana’s bayous? I sure as heck didn’t. The plan sadly fell through though, and Americans went on

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Weekend Reads: Ready Player One

Ready Player One, Ernest Cline Although Ready Player One has been out since 2011, Ernest Cline’s sci-fi novel has definitely enjoyed a second coming after Steven Spielberg picked it up. The Ready Player One movie is out March 2018, which gives you plenty of time

Spotlight: Charles Soule Talks ‘The Oracle Year’

In this week’s Spotlight, Charles Soule talks about debut novel The Oracle Year. What do Matt Murdock, Wolverine, Poe Dameron, She-Hulk, a wizard called Wizord, and a twentysomething New Yorker with predictive powers all have in common? The answer, of course, is Charles Soule. If

Weekend Reads: Vacationland

Vacationland, John Hodgman As someone who has lived most of her life in Massachusetts and spent summers vacationing with family on an island in Maine, I can unselfishly say that John Hodgman’s book, Vacationland, felt like it was written for me. In fact, there’s a

Weekend Reads: Artemis

Artemis, Andy Weir Andy Weir’s first novel, The Martian, was a brilliant book. So brilliant in fact that Hollywood turned it into a pretty brilliant movie starring Matt Damon. Artemis is, without a doubt, Weir’s sophomore slump. It’s a solid science fiction novel (more heavy

Weekend Reads: The Nest

The Nest, Kenneth Oppel  In the interest of keeping the spooky train rolling this month, I decided to FINALLY read The Nest by Kenneth Oppel. It had been in my TBR pile for a while, and after dealing with my own wasp infestation I figured

Kazuo Ishiguro: A Crash Course

You might have heard that the winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature was recently announced, and the award went to Kazuo Ishiguro. Less controversial than last year’s selection of singer/songwriter Bob Dylan, Ishiguro is a traditional English novelist who was born in Japan.

Weekend Reads: Stranded

Stranded, Bracken MacLeod Every year before Halloween I try to read as many terrifying books. Bracken MacLeod’s brilliant, mind-boggling novel, Stranded, had me on edge from the first page to the last. Equal parts Twilight Zone, Cabin Fever, and The Man Who Ate His Boots,

Weekend Reads: Moonstruck #1

Moonstruck #1, Grace Ellis & Shae Beagle Like most nerds, I love stories filled with monsters, mythological creatures, and a touch of romance. Luckily, Image Comic’s new ongoing series, Moonstruck combines all of the above (with the added bonus of Grace Ellis & Shae Beagle

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