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Stranger Picks: Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide

Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide – Isabel Quintero, Zeke Peña I don’t normally read nonfiction books, let alone nonfiction comics. So, this was something completely new for me. I don’t know much about photography, and I tend to lean more towards color comics then

Weekend Reads: Sleepless #1

Sleepless #1, Sarah Vaughn & Leila Del Duca I’ve been reading a whole lot of fantasy lately but the first issue of Sarah Vaugh’s comic book series, Sleepless, is unlike anything I’ve come across in quite a while. It’s eerie, and gorgeous, and ripe with

Stranger Picks: Dalston Monsterzz

Dalston Monsterzz – Dilraj Mann A dizzying array of colors, conspiracies, monsters, and kids caught in the middle. Dalston Monsterzz bursts onto the comic scene in a rush of brightness in the East London streets, weaving a modern tale of friendship, corruption, and marching to the beat of

Spotlight: Welderkin

It is a truth universally acknowledged that small towns are full of strange, and sometimes supernatural, occurrences. Burtonwood, home to an urban legend about terrifying, demonic welders called the Welderkin that live deep in the dense surrounding woods, is no exception. When Jessica and her husband

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Stranger Picks: By Chance or Providence

By Chance or Providence – Becky Cloonan By Chance or Providence, Becky Cloonan’s newest work, is a triptych exploring the intersection between horror, mystery, and the darkness that lies within the human heart. The three stories had all been published previously and are titled “Wolves,” “The

Matt Murphy’s Top Comics of 2018

I want to start this intro by saying, listen, I know these listicles are masturbatory. Trust me, I’m right there with you on it. You thought you left obnoxious pundits back in 2017 when you muted Fox News on your Twitter timeline and that was

Stranger Picks: Satania

Satania – Fabien Vehlmann & Kerascoët Charlotte (Charlie to everyone but her family) is looking for her missing brother Christopher who disappeared after an expedition to prove his unique theory about the existence of Hell. Christopher believed  Hell was populated by real humans who migrated

Spotlight: Charles Soule Talks ‘The Oracle Year’

In this week’s Spotlight, Charles Soule talks about debut novel The Oracle Year. What do Matt Murdock, Wolverine, Poe Dameron, She-Hulk, a wizard called Wizord, and a twentysomething New Yorker with predictive powers all have in common? The answer, of course, is Charles Soule. If

Stranger Picks: Kill Six Billion Demons

Kill Six Billion Demons, Book 1 Tom Parkinson-Morgan Allison Ruth just wants to kiss her boyfriend, and maybe lose her virginity if everything goes according to plan. But when her boyfriend suddenly gets kidnapped by a bunch of demons and taken to Throne, the oldest

Spotlight: Paradiso

In the strange, dangerous, and dystopic world that the characters of Ram V and Dev Pramanik’s comic Paradiso inhabit, a cataclysmic event known only as The Midnight heralded the collapse of civilization as we now know it. Centuries later, all that remains of the old world is the

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