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Where the Hell Is Everyone?

For the past three weeks, The Nerd League has been a near-barren land left to its own luck. It has faced Internet trolls, dwindling traffic, and a whole lot of apathy. Are we here to apologize? Not exactly. While 0.001% of you have been checking

beach reading

Island Reading: Not Your Average Beachside Relaxation

I’m assuming you’re familiar with the concept of being ‘trapped in an island.’ Whenever people think of this occurrence, they’ll populate their hypothetical islands with classic palm trees, coconuts, and some savage wilderness to legitimize their odyssey. These perilous islands are usually invoked when we

The Best of Lego Grad Student

We all know grad students are the biggest nerds in town. I mean, who else would subject themselves to endless years of extra study?  To endure their sad existence, grad students turn to self-deprecating humor. It was only a matter of time before a PhD

11 Ships/OTPs You Can Dream About While You’re Still Single

If you head on over to, you’ll find that the word ‘ship’ can mean two distinctly different things. The first definition is of a vessel, especially a large oceangoing one propelled by sails or engines (i.e. The Titanic, the Lusitania, the Mayflower, ect. ect.).

How to Become a Nerd: A Five-Step Guide

How do you become a nerd? The truth is we’re all nerds. But we get it. Self-doubt can be a crippling thing, so we’re here to help you accept your nerd condition. The important thing is that no matter how you’re feeling about it right now, by

Here Are the Nominees: Oscars 2017

The Academy has finally released the list of nominees in anticipation of the 89th Academy Awards ceremony to be celebrated on February 26th. Surprisingly, no Oscar nomination came through for Amy Adams, despite Arrival being nominated for best picture and Michael Shannon being nominated for Nocturnal Animals. However,


Comic Book Wednesday: Justice League/Power Rangers #1

We have seen many crossovers in comics. Whether it has been the recent Tarzan on The Planet of the Apes or Spawn meeting Batman, we all have our favorites. Now 2017 is blessing us with a Justice League and Power Rangers crossover written by Tom

A Definitive Ranking of The OA Characters

It’s a bit difficult to compartmentalize what exactly The OA is. The closest we can get is an often less-than-feel-good science fiction space-time odyssey about a woman who escapes seven years in captivity which, *whew*, is a mouthful. And we loved every episode of it. And,

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