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Return of the Nerds and 2017 Golden Globes

Hello, Nerds! After a well needed rest, we’re back on schedule starting tomorrow. That being said, the Golden Globes are still being hosted tonight (regardless of TNL’s own time frame, obviously). So here we are. Below we’ve listed all the nominations for tonight’s awards and

Review: Arrival [Spoilers]

[Spoiler-infested waters. Swim at your own risk.] There was a time when Amy Adams lived a happy life. She got to sing and dance next to Patrick Dempsey after escaping her own storybook and got to be a princess in real life. I’d like to

20 Antiheroes We Would Rather Have as President

The U.S. presidential elections are usually a big deal worldwide. As part of the security council and as an economic superpower, we (aka the rest of the world) care about who’s holding the reins. Of course, it goes without saying that this year’s horserace has

Review: Marvel’s Doctor Strange

[Spoiler-infested waters. Swim at your own risk.] Doctor Strange is definitely not a household name, and many probably learned of his existence because of this film. The character’s relatively low popularity makes the fact that Marvel Studios is taking a risk by releasing this movie

Wonder Woman: Twitter Reacts

In case you missed it – although, if you’re as nerdy as us, I’m sure you didn’t – a new trailer for Wonder Woman went live this afternoon. If it happens that you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can here. While this post doesn’t

Review: Shin Gojira

In the realm of cinema, there are only two sonic cues that really get my heart racing. One is the ear breaking trumpets of the Star Wars theme that go off as the title goes soaring into the stars. The other is the ponderous footstep

Gaby’s Ultimate Halloween Movie List

Halloween is known for annoying children, borderline diabetes, and Tim Burton. This cocktail of stuff (that is most definitely not sugar, spice, and everything nice) is what helps me go from the ball of cynicism and sarcasm I usually am from January to mid October to

Why Suicide Squad Is DC’s Latest Letdown

After having recently survived Suicide Squad, I have decided to voice my disdain and pitiful disappointment. First things first: Will Smith and Margo Robbie are the only things worth anything in this film. Sadly, the film is self-aware and thus relies on them too much.

Batman: The Killing Joke – Film VS. Graphic Novel

WARNING – Spoilers up ahead Is it worth seeing the film adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke? Batman: The Killing Joke, a graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland has been regarded as one of the best Joker storylines. However, the film adaptation

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