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the magicians recap season 3 episode 1 the tales of the seven keys syfy review

Magicians Recap: S3E01 “The Tales of the Seven Keys”

This Recap Contains Spoilers for The Magicians Season 3 Episode 1: “The Tales of the Seven Keys” Hello and welcome to another edition of Gaby’s Magicians recap, where I deliver a sassy play by play of Syfy’s most angsty show. In this episode, Eliot and Quentin communicate via

Outlander Recap: S03E13 “Eye of the Storm”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E13 “Eye of the Storm”. Outlander’s previous two season finales have been nothing short of amazing: the season one finale is so disturbingly well-made that I still have not been able to watch the whole thing. Last season’s finale

marvel's the punisher review netflix frank castle billy russo jon bernthal gun control ben barnes karen page kastle deborah ann woll

A Definitive Ranking of The Punisher Characters

The Punisher follows Frank Castle after his run from jail in Season 2 of Daredevil. Currently, he’s living under the identity of Pete Castiglione and works in construction.  This Punisher character ranking contains spoilers. Welcome back to another edition of TNL’s Definitive Rankings. Today, we’ll be

Outlander Recap: S03E12 “The Bakra”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E12 “The Bakra”. “The Bakra” takes a turn for the witchy with the arrival of old characters with a some (questionable) new hairdos, as the Fraser gang finally arrives in Jamaica. The episode was altogether entertaining, and a good

Outlander Recap: S03E11 “Uncharted”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E11 “Uncharted”. “Uncharted” is quite an eventful episode for Claire: She finds herself on a  Caribbean island, gets sunburnt, suffers an attack by local pests, befriends some locals that smoke a bit more than they should,  attends a family

Outlander Recap: S03E10 “Heaven and Earth”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E10 “Heaven and Earth”. A lot happens in “Heaven and Earth” : The plot thickens, antibiotics are missed and Marsali saves the day. Also, Claire learns to always trust a woman that makes you cheese. Heaven and Earth is

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