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Mr. Robot Recap: Season 2 Episode 3

This week on Mr. Robot we start off with a flashback. We see Mobley getting his house hunter on. He’s looking to buy a property while strolling on the Coney Island boardwalk with an old friend. Hacker and co-conspirator Romero—who was a major player with

Feminism in Stranger Things: An Ode to Eleven

Spoiler-infested waters. Swim at your own risk. At this point, writing a general Stranger Things review would be mighty redundant. Especially after the Netflix hit show’s overwhelming success. In summary, the undisputed consensus is a resounding “Hell, yes.” Was it the 80s flair that did it? The continuous

6 Shows to Watch if You’re Addicted to Coffee

Thursdays are rough, man. Your alarm goes off and once again you are completely unable to unstick your eyelids. It’s the fourth time this week, and it just isn’t Friday yet. You can’t think of any consolation as you’re brushing your teeth, washing your face, and hating yourself. That is

Mr. Robot Recap: Season 2 Episode 2

Mr. Robot is back following the brief intermission. We accompany CTO Scott Knowles on his stroll in the park to drop off the cash as ordered by fsociety. The solemn tunes of Phil Collins’ “Take Me Home” play in the background. (BTW, the song is

Mr. Robot Recap: Season 2 Episode 1

When a show’s first season manages to captivate viewers and critics alike as did Mr. Robot last summer, the creators are faced with the monumental task of avoiding a sophomore slump. Can this hacker drama move forward compellingly while staying true to its essence? Will

5 Villains that Are the Best of the Worst

Everyone loves a hero. They’re benevolent, romantic, have super-human powers, and are beholden to rescue kittens from trees and damsels in distress. They can bench-press eighteen wheelers and usually have amazing hair, i.e. Wonder Woman and Captain America. Big whoop. What about the other guys?

Game of Thrones Dominates Emmy Nominations

HBO’s Game of Thrones has done it again this year with a whopping 23 Emmy nominations. The slew of nominations also broke water for its most acting nods yet. Acting nominations included previously nominated stars Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey. First time nods

Doing the Hard Thing: Diving into Marco Polo S2

*Spoiler-infested waters. Swim at your own risk.* After what felt like a gazillion years, Marco Polo has returned. The binge came and went, and now it’s time to wait once again. There’s a lot to cover in this season, but I’ve left it all in a

Game of Thrones’ “Histories & Lore”

If you’ve finished watching this season’s Game of Thrones, chances are you are wondering what to do with your life for the next 10 months. Especially since the showrunners have announced that the season 8 premier will be delayed (YES THIS HAPPENED)–you may now cringe

Rick Grimes: Antihero or the Hero We Deserve?

For the past few years, the advent of the antihero–a flawed protagonist of loose morals and villainous traits–has challenged our perceptions of heroism and what it means to be good. The modern day antihero is a reflection of the increasing complexity of modern day life.

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