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A Definitive Ranking of The OA Characters

It’s a bit difficult to compartmentalize what exactly The OA is. The closest we can get is an often less-than-feel-good science fiction space-time odyssey about a woman who escapes seven years in captivity which, *whew*, is a mouthful. And we loved every episode of it. And,

Return of the Nerds and 2017 Golden Globes

Hello, Nerds! After a well needed rest, we’re back on schedule starting tomorrow. That being said, the Golden Globes are still being hosted tonight (regardless of TNL’s own time frame, obviously). So here we are. Below we’ve listed all the nominations for tonight’s awards and

Nerd League Holiday Gift Guide 2016: TV Edition

The Nerd League is releasing a holiday gift guide for every kind of nerd in your life. If you enjoyed our TV show list, make sure to check out the rest of the guide! We all know that person who watches the entire season of House of Cards the

Tumblr Reacts: Westworld Finale [Spoilers, Obvs]

So, “Gaby,” they ask me. “Are you over Westworld yet?” Uhm, no? We all know the real reason the show is coming back in 2018 is because we all need to process. We need to rewatch and draw some sketches. I need to understand the wild west before

A Definitive Ranking of Westworld Characters

We’re hoping that by now you’ve had your brain melted by the first season of Westworld. If you haven’t then you might want to avert your eyes from this post because there are MAJOR SPOILERS present here. As is customary here at TNL, we have enlisted

Westworld Finale: Twitter Reacts [Spoilers]

[Spoiler-infested water. Swim at your own risk] Congratulations! You did it! You survived the S1 finale of Westworld without your brain melting out of your ears. To be perfectly honest with you, we’re still picking our jaws up off the floor here at TNL. Because, while

Tumblr Reacts: Gilmore Girls AYITL Revival

While I can’t bring in the Life and Death Brigade to whisk us away, we can still get by with a little help from our Tumblr friends. The infamous Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life revival has shaken up all diehard fans, for better

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