Comic Book Wednesday: The Few #1

The Few #1, Sean Lewis & Hayden Sherman

© Image Comics

Ever wonder what the lovechild of Station 11, The Last of Us, and Mad Max would look like? Chances are it would  be gorgeous, desolate, terrifying, and at its core, hopeful. In other words, not wholly unlike The Few There’s no doubt that Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman are both talented, and it’s nice to see a team come together in which one doesn’t outweigh the other. As far as creators go Lewis and Sherman are evenly matched. The result is an intriguing, monochromatic story (except for the occasional spattering of blood) that I enjoyed from start to finish.

The world, as it often does in sci-fi stories, has taken a turn for the worse. Readers don’t know yet why or how, but my guess is we’ll find out soon enough. Although if it were up to me, I’d settle for not knowing at all. This is the kind of story where the why and how don’t matter as much as who it’s about. Most of society seems to have fallen from grace. What’s left are the Remainder States, Herrodites, The Palace, and the last militia against The Palace. These are stragglers and survivalists otherwise known as the titular Few. Edan Hale is a Palace agent who has been tasked with infiltrating and destroying the Remainder States of America. But things aren’t going quite to plan.

The story begins in what remains of Montana, with two survivalist brothers stumbling across Edan. She’s in pretty rough shape and cradling a baby in her arms. From there we learn that Edan has been living under cover looking for the Remainder States. Now Edan is on the run from a group of violent, gas mask wearing, motorcycle riding fanatics. And while the brothers might be Edan’s only chance at survival and finding the Remainder States, the baby now in her care throws a considerable wrench into her plans.



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