Comic Book Wednesday: 2 Wolverine Comics You Should Read

It’s throwback Wednesday in this week of our comic book roundup. Actually, let’s call it Wolverine Wednesday as I’ll tell you about two Wolverine collected volumes that every person who wants to know more about him should have.

Wolverine: Old Man Logan – Collected Edition. Written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Steve McNiven (Published January 2010)

© Marvel Entertainment, LLC

© Marvel Entertainment, LLC

Wow. I read this graphic novel in one sitting. This story takes place in the far future. And while we all know that Wolverine cannot die, his healing factor has slowed down. Now he is not the agile and youthful Wolverine we know and love. Instead, he has aged and only goes by Logan. The setting is an almost post-apocalyptic world, à la Mad Max: Fury Road.

Logan has settled in California as a farmer with his wife and two kids. Fearful of what might happen if they don’t pay the month’s rent to the Banners, he sets off on a journey with an old friend. The friend has promised cash compensation. In this world, the super villains are the ones in charged of “Amerika,” which they’ve divided amongst themselves.

Throughout the journey, Logan reminds his friend that he will never fight. That he has given up the superhero mantle a long time ago. It isn’t until around the middle of the story that Logan reveals the horrific reason why he gave up being Wolverine.

After reading what he had done, my jaw literally dropped. That’s not even all of it. He even tries to commit suicide afterwards. Believe me, this story will shed a whole new light on Wolverine. The dialogue, pacing, and art style made this book stand out. Definite recommended reading. But be warned. It doesn’t shy away from gruesome, adult content, and gore-filled panels.

P.S. Rumor has it Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie will be based off of this book. Here’s to hoping it will stay faithful to the source material.


Wolverine: The Origin – Written by Bill Jemas, Joe Quesada and Paul Jenkins with illustrations by Andy Kubert

© Marvel Entertainment, LLC

© Marvel Entertainment, LLC

This graphic novel is a six-issue collected limited series detailing Wolverine’s origin. While origin stories are usually told through the main character’s POV, this is not the case for this series. The reasoning behind it is detailed in the afterword, which indicates that the pitch for a Wolverine origin story had been shot down by the editors numerous times. They thought it defeated a central part of the character. Wolverine is in search for his past and telling an origin story would take away part of the what makes Wolverine, Wolverine. However, they bypassed hesitation by choosing to tell it from Rose’s perspective. Rose is Logan’s childhood friend, whom he grew up with in the 1800s.

Through her diary, Rose details details her experiences growing up in the same wealthy estate as Logan. However, things take a turn for the worst when they are teenagers when someone decides to take revenge on them. This turn of events causes Rose and Logan to flee together, and find a new life. As the story progresses, we can see Rose grow into a woman. Yet, Logan still looks very young in comparison to her. Another definite must-read with a slow and steady pace that builds up the ending.



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