Comic Book Wednesday: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, Matthew Rosenberg


© Black Mask Comics

Well, it’s official. Between We Can Never Go Home and now 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, Matthew Rosenberg has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. With each notch in Rosenberg’s belt, it’s become obvious that his strengths lie in the use of nostalgia for 1980’s pop culture. From the struggling single parent, to the use of a short wave radio, 4 Kids covers all the bases.

On the same afternoon that Paige Turner’s father agrees to take her and her friends for ice cream, their lives are violently disrupted by four criminals. They are Skinhead Mike, Hayes, Silk, and Vernon.  Vernon is a cut above the rest, which isn’t saying a whole lot. He’s their gang’s self-appointed leader and also once beat a man to death with his own prosthetic limb. As it happens, the most fascinating dynamic at the moment is between Vernon, with his sinister sideburns, and Paige, who is adorable and tough-as-nails. They’re the total antithesis of each other. Vernon is a murderous moron and Paige is decidedly not. And I honestly can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves as the story progresses.


© Black Mask Comics

Readers can presume that a bank robbery will take place at some point.  They can presume Paige and her friends will play an important part in it. And they can also presume that it probably won’t all go according to plan. Unlike the feel-good stories it takes some inspiration from, 4 Kids is not so warm and fuzzy. 4 Kids is gritty, a bit violent, and grown-up despite the children at the heart of its story. It is also a darkly-humorous tale off friendship and mystery that’s worth reading ASAP.



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