Comic Book Wednesday: Angelic #1

Angelic #1, Simon Spurrier & Caspar Wijngaard

© Image Comics

To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve never been one for monkeys. With the exception of orangutans, I’ve never seen the appeal (they have fangs and walk on their hands, so no thanks.) Needless to say, I was a little reluctant to pick up Simon Spurrier’s new monkey-filled comic, Angelic. Boy am I glad I did because Angelic’s protagonist, Qora, is one of the most wonderful (albeit fictional) monkeys I’ve ever seen.

Part Planet of the Apes, part Horizon Zero Dawn, and with a tiny bit of The Wizard of Oz for good measure, Angelic is an imaginative, unsettling, and beautifully illustrated comic that should be right at the top of your pull pile. Humanity has long been wiped out. Planet earth now belongs to mankind’s leftovers: the animals. There’s a bit of a catch though. These creatures (ranging from dolphins to alley cats) have all been genetically modified. One young flying monkey, Qora, is tired of the mundanities of her day-to-day life. She does not want to perform the mandatory rituals, or pray to old gods like the rest of her tribe. And Qora certainly does not want to settle down and become a mother as that would mean giving up her wings.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the tribe’s super creepy leader, Alfer, has planned for Qora. But Qora’s spirit won’t easily be crushed, and it becomes very evident by the end of Issue one that she might just be the hero to bring the change that tribes-mates desperately need.



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