Comic Book Wednesday: Black Cloud #1

Black Cloud #1, Jason Latour & Ivan Brandon

© Image Comics

Out of all the Jason Latour-helmed comics that I’ve read recently (and loved), Black Cloud is by far the strangest. Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t dislike the first issue of Black Cloud. Far from it, in fact. Black Cloud is gorgeous, trippy, and incredibly ambitious. But it’s very clear from the get-go that this is a comic book geared towards a specific kind of reader, and if you’re not that kind of reader then you’re a bit out of luck.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and Zelda is a prime example of just that. In our world she’s living on the streets, barely scraping by while she sells pieces of dreams to the rich and powerful. In dreams, Zelda is an entirely different woman. She’s intimidating, powerful, and has plenty of enemies. It becomes quickly clear that Zelda has powers the likes of which not many have seen, but would love to get their grubby hands on. Which is exactly where the Mayor comes in. He wants Zelda to make his jerk son disappear (at least until after he’s re-elected.) So Zelda takes the Mayor’s son to her world, only to leave him to his own devices in the face of a powerful, as-of-yet unseen enemy.

Is the city in Zelda’s dreams the titular Black Cloud? Or is that the name of her nemesis that comes after the rain? Only time (and Issue 2) will tell.



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