Comic Book Wednesday: Ether #3

Ether #3, Matt Kindt & David Rubín

© Dark Horse Comics

One of my favorite things about Ether is Matt Kindt and David Rubín’s almost painstaking attention to detail. Take the first page of Issue 3, for example. The story picks up where Issue 2 left readers off: with the magic bullet screaming its way towards Boone and his companion, Glum. It’s how the scene is presented on the page that makes it so dang clever. Rather than your basic rectangular panels, the panels used spell out the sound the magic bullet is making and shows it flying across the letters towards Boone and Glum. It’s fun, funny, and helps to amp up the action in the scene in just the right way.

Boone and Glum make it out of the altercation in one piece, but with the knowledge that the copper golem attacking them is from another world. Which brings me to my second favorite bit of detail from this issue: Boone’s map. It’s a gorgeous two page spread that showcases just how expansive Ether is. There’s the River of Nonsense, the Swamp of Unforgiveness, the Ice Desert, and The Home of the 12-Year-Old Wizard Scientist to name a few locations, and I want to see ever single one. Sadly, Boone only visits two locations in this issue. The first is Fairy Land, where he meets up with an old acquaintance. The second is our present day earth via a portal that the bronze golem creates. Glum reveals that he cannot follow Boone to Earth, so one can only imagine the trouble he’ll get into on his own.



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