Comic Book Wednesday: Extremity #1

Extremity #1, Darren Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer

© Image Comics

Like its title and cover less-than-subtly hint at, Extremity is pretty extreme. And by extreme I mean that it’s super violent. Which is something coming from me when you consider two of my favorite comic book runs are about exorcisms and a charismatic serial killer. Here’s the thing: despite its full-color, no-holds-barred pages of gore, I still enjoyed reading the first issue of Extremity because, at its core, it has a whole lot of heart. That’s one thing that is absolutely necessary in violent stories to make them work for me. Because gratuity just for the sake of gratuity is never much fun unless there’s a point to it.

Extremity looks, and feels, a whole lot like the lovechild of Avatar: the Last Airbender and Mad Max: Fury Road. The first issue follows the story of Thea and her younger brother Rolo, Roto children who are living a peaceful life until the Paznina attack without warning. Readers don’t know why the Paznina have attacked other than that they don’t particularly like the Roto, but no doubt we’ll find out along the way. Thea and Rolo’s lives are shattered, their mother brutally killed, and to add insult to injury, Thea – who is a gifted artist – has her hand cut off. All that’s left now is for them to seek revenge, but it won’t be easy. Thea is becoming withdrawn and more violent. Rolo seemingly wants nothing to do with war, or the position of power over the Roto people that will one day be his. But there are many battles to come and no telling where their travels will take them, or what they’ll be pitted against.



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