Comic Book Wednesday: Godshaper #1

Godshaper #1, Simon Spurrier & Jonas Goonface

© Boom! Studios

While the story takes place during 2017, Godshaper begins by explaining to readers that in 1958 the laws of physics went a bit screwy. Not only that, but time seems to have come to a standstill as well. In the tradition of stories such as Fallout, present day America still looks and feels as it would in in the late 1950s, and the retro-futuristic aesthetic is nothing short of gorgeous. Utilities that made life easy (electricity, for example) are gone, replaced by a miraculous alternative: Gods. “Part ornament, part assistant, part bodyguard, part bank. There’s a god for every person and a person for every God.”

Despite their uniformly vibrant colors, no two Gods in Godshaper seem to look alike. Some are small and resemble amphibious creatures. Others are large and more humanoid. And, as the story says, everyone seems to have one. Everyone except for the  wily conman and powerful Godshaper, Ennay. Godshapers are godless social outcasts with the strange ability to “upgrade” other people’s Gods (for a price, of course.) While he might be godless, Ennay is far from alone. He’s accompanied by a small, affectionate, ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, and human-less God called Bud. Bud’s physical appearance harkens back to one of my all-time favorite comic book characters, Bone. Should anything happen to him, I’m more than willing to meet Spurrier in the pits.

Together Ennay and Bud travel from town to town looking to drum up business, play a rock ‘n’ roll gig or two, and keep out of trouble which, of course, is considerably harder then it sounds.



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