Comic Book Wednesday: Justice League/Power Rangers #1

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We have seen many crossovers in comics. Whether it has been the recent Tarzan on The Planet of the Apes or Spawn meeting Batman, we all have our favorites. Now 2017 is blessing us with a Justice League and Power Rangers crossover written by Tom Taylor with interiors by Stephen Byrne.

The issue opens with a shot of downtown Angel Grove, home to the Power Rangers. After an initial interaction with Superman, a complete destruction of Angel Grove is seen. Though Superman is not responsible, the Man of Steel consoles a guilt-ridden Black Ranger.

This scene is followed by a flashback to the Ranger Command Center hours prior, where one of my favorite Power Rangers character, Alpha 5, has gone missing. The Black Ranger brings back what he believes is Alpha 5, but it turns out to be a bomb. Its detonation allows passage to Lord Zedd, the arch nemesis of the Rangers, into the Command Center.

The rangers seem trapped with their teleporters severely damaged and Zedd in the command center. The Black Ranger, still in the forefront of this battle, grabs Zedd and teleports with him without regard to where it will take them. The Black Ranger, dazed and confused, tries to fight the Batman claiming he knows what Batman is, just another one of lord Zedd’s monsters. This can only mean one thing; our ranger has teleported to Gotham City. Batman begins to take on the Black Ranger. Suddenly a voice calls out, “Let go of our friend,” and the rest of the squad teleports into Gotham City. Yes, that means Tommy Oliver included, as the Green Ranger. The damaged teleporters have sent our rangers into another dimension.

Batman then calls in the Flash to help with what he believes are just “enhanced beings.”  The Pink Ranger shows she’s nothing to toy with, though, and calls upon her zord, snatching up Batman and his “missile firing car.” This leads to Flash radioing to the watchtower, letting Cyborg in on the mess they have at hand. The Pink Ranger is seen flying off in her zord, leaving the Flash alone in an alley way deep in Gotham.

Despite this being a short run, it appears these two teams were destined to meet. Whether you’re getting ready for the Power Rangers reboot or the Justice League movie, this comic event is sure to scratch that nostalgic itch.



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