Comic Book Wednesday: Misfit City #1

Misfit City #1, Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith, Kurt Lustgarten, & Naomi Franquiz

© Boom! Box

It’s very obvious from the get-go that Misfit City takes its inspiration (like many comics, TV shows, and movies these days) from the 1980s. Above all else it’s a love letter to one of the greatest kids’ adventure movies of all time: The Goonies. And that, quite frankly, is what makes it so flipping awesome. I’m a bit biased of course. Like the tourists who visit Wilder’s quite hometown thirsting for anything to do with the cult classic, The Gloomies, I’m a huge fan of The Goonies and Misfit City scratches that itch.

Nothing exciting has happened in Wilder’s hometown of Cannon Cove, Oregon since the insanely popular kids’ adventure movie, The Gloomies, was filmed there in the 1980s. Cannon Cove is absolutely crawling with tourists, and Wilder is sick and tired of them traipsing around town. She wants out, even if that means leaving her best friends behind. And then, one night, Wilder and her friends happen upon a centuries-old pirate map that might lead to honest-to-goodness real treasure. Of course Wilder and her friends aren’t the only ones interested in the map, and it’s going to take some quick thinking and lots of girl power-fueled teamwork to stay one step ahead of their enemies.



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