Comic Book Wednesday: No. 1 With a Bullet

No. 1 With a Bullet #1, Jacob Semahn & Jorge Corona

© Image Comics

Most of the people I know (nerds and non-nerds alike) are heavily technology-dependent. Whether it’s their iPhone, watch, tablet, terrifying sentient desktop robot (here’s looking at you, Alexa) or computer, it’s guaranteed that they’re never very far from a device that can connect them to the internet. No. 1 With A Bullet takes that dependency to the next level and makes it even more unsettling.

Nash Huang (who I have a feeling would be BFFs with Jessica Jones) is at the top of her game. Nash’s social media presence is on point and the variety show segments she stars in are knock-out hits. Everything is going as smooth as can be until the iRis Shutter contact hits the market. iRis Shutter contacts are the hottest new technological gadget for sale. They can play videos, augment reality, and even record footage which proves to be a huge, and horrible problem for Nash and her private life. Soon enough Nash finds herself fighting to keep her life together after a leaked sex tape goes viral and a clingy (and creepy) fan surfaces, threatening any semblance of normalcy she once had.



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