Comic Book Wednesday: Rock Candy Mountain #2

Rock Candy Mountain #2, Kyle Starks & Chris Schweizer

© Image Comics

If you love comics and you’re not reading Rock Candy Mountain then you’re missing out on something quite wonderful. Kyle Starks and Chris Schweizer have crafted a wonderful, unhinged world, and each issue to be published outdoes its predecessor with ease.

In Chapter Two, “The bulldogs all have rubber teeth”, the adventures and shenanigans of the tough-as-nails and mysterious-as-heck hobo Jackson continue. He’s still searching for the mythical and elusive Rock Candy Mountain, a search that takes him from the court of a Chicken King to the heart of a Thunder Dome-like underground Hobo fight club. Yes, you read that right. Jackson was banned from the very same hobo fight club years ago for never losing a match, but he’s back now to recruit Hundred Cat, the best cat burglar in America, in his quest to find Rock Candy Mountain. With the Literal Devil still after him (and becoming more and more sinister by the issue), and a tiny hint that Jackson might’ve sold his soul to him, I can’t help but feel that the action will only get bigger and involve more hobo fights from here.



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