Game of Thrones’ “Histories & Lore”

If you’ve finished watching this season’s Game of Thrones, chances are you are wondering what to do with your life for the next 10 months. Especially since the showrunners have announced that the season 8 premier will be delayed (YES THIS HAPPENED)–you may now cringe in horror.



Fret not, or rather, fret less. For those of you who didn’t know, HBO has been putting out a series of short animated videos titled “Histories & Lore” in the Blu-ray release of each TV season of Game of Thrones.

If you are as late to the party as us, you now have five hours of extra GoT content. Think of them as a bonus episode per season. Each video lasts for about one to three minutes, and amount to a combined running time of 60 minutes. Actual cast members narrate these small cudgels of gold, in-character, and elaborate on the major events of the 12,000 year long history of Westeros.



Essentially, this means you can sit back and listen to the wryly gruff Robert Baratheon and his disdain for the sack of Kings Landing. Tywin Lannister’s indignant derision of basically everyone alive. And even Brandon Stark’s 8-year-old voice (remember when Ian Hempstead Wright was not an awkward teenager?) while the camera pans over beautifully drawn stills of major characters and specific events. And yes, there are Targaryens riding dragons. Lovely depictions of multiple people being, flayed, hammered and pretty much dispatched in classic Game of Thrones fashion. Famously referenced characters of the past, and some pivotal battles and events.

The videos aim to inform viewers unfamiliar with the book series on the events that shaped the present. It is a broad source of information for book viewers as well, or in the least a good recap.



Happy Hunting

So slap on some sweats and get your geek on with Game of Thrones’ “Histories & Lore.” Try and ration them if you can, it’s gonna be a long haul from here to April or whenever it is HBO decides on a season 8 release.



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