Nerd League Holiday Gift Guide 2016: TV Edition

The Nerd League is releasing a holiday gift guide for every kind of nerd in your life. If you enjoyed our TV show list, make sure to check out the rest of the guide!

We all know that person who watches the entire season of House of Cards the weekend it comes out. Who is shocked when you haven’t seen last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. And who disappears from social media for long stretches as they binge Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Get them a gift they’ll love this year. And if this sounds like your life, just shoot this link to the fam as your wish list.

Stranger Things Hat – $17

A tribute to the 80s is not complete without a trucker hat. No one can pull off that red, white, and blue quite like Dustin, but they can try.

The Crown Teapot or Mug – $30

For those obsessed with the badassery of Elizabeth II in Netflix’s “The Crown”, look no further. This teapot is so British that it’s from The English Tea Store. For a more modern look, this mug pays tribute to the queen.

Gilmore Girls Junk Food Set – about $30

Even if they’re not watching the fast-talking mom and daughter duo, any TV nerd will appreciate that their Netflix session will be fully stocked in the snack department. Tailor your selection: Poptarts, frozen tacos/burritos (both are acceptable), fries, mallomars, Red Vines, popcorn (with movie theater butter, obvs), macaroni and cheese, blueberry pancake mix, and, naturally, coffee.

Westworld Tee – $25

The world needs to know that your friend has seen all of season one of “Westworld”. Maybe they will stop talking about it if you allow this shirt to do it for them.

Twin Peaks Pin – $5+

For the one who simply cannot let this masterpiece go, these Twin Peaks brooches can go on jackets and backpacks.

Orange Is the New Black Tote – $18

Show your love for your friend or significant other with this practical tote.

The Walking Dead Mini Poster – $10

We can all relate to this poster’s sentiment of simply surviving, whether we’re into flesh-eating zombies or not, tbh.

Game of Thrones Cutting Board – $13+

For the one in your life who loves to cook while anxiously watching GoT because no character is safe, this cutting board is perfect.

House of Cards Tee – $10

Anyone who wrote in Frank Underwood in November’s election needs this shirt ASAP.

Doctor Who Book Set – $18+

This pretty book set is a great addition to your Doctor Who friend’s existing collection of Doctor Who books. Because let’s be real. If they’re a fan, they already have all the books, but still want more.

Netflix Gift Card – $30

When you don’t even know what they’re watching rn because you can’t keep up, cover all your bases with a customizable Netflix gift card.



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