How to Become a Nerd: A Five-Step Guide

How do you become a nerd?become a nerd

The truth is we’re all nerds. But we get it. Self-doubt can be a crippling thing, so we’re here to help you accept your nerd condition. The important thing is that no matter how you’re feeling about it right now, by the end of this post you’ll be ready to feel confident in your nerdiness. Your training starts right here, right now. Just keep scrollin’, young padawan.

Here’s the good news:

Becoming a nerd takes less than five minutes.

I get it that you’re The Nerd League, but five minutes to become a whole new person?

We’d like to propose a different outlook on this: becoming a nerd isn’t really about “becoming,” it’s more about “unleashing.” We’re going to tap into your deep dark soul and flip a switch. This minor action will activate—or rather deactivate—all of those detrimental thoughts that have been keeping you from reaching your highest self: the nerd.


(Sorry, there’s not much after that level, we’re afraid.)

But let’s cut to the chase:

How to Become a Nerd

Step One: Forget Everything

“I can do that!” is hopefully what you exclaimed after reading that. Channel your inner Dory from Finding Nemo and engage in some purposeful short-term memory loss. We promise it’s worth it.

nerd-league-forget-become-a-nerdThe point of this is to let go of stereotypes.

Think about it: what’s the difference between a hipster and a phony? It’s a running joke that the minute you admit to being a hipster you stop being one (which is kind of stupid, but relevant nonetheless).

The reason for this is that when you do things consciously as if you were following a list of instructions, your actions come across as forced, or worse, rehearsed.  And it’s true! You are forcing it!

If you burn the script, there’s a 0.01%* chance you’ll turn into a phony.

* We have to keep the small margin of error for those people who simply are phonies and there’s no helping it. We know you know some of these individuals. We’re also sure none of you beautiful readers are one of them. (Those people can’t admit to not being a thing, so they’d never Google how to be a thing.)

Mkay, did ya torch that memory file? Good.

Step Two: Release Your Inhibitions

Feel the rain on your skin, as Natasha Bedingfield said.  But seriously, hold tight to step one to getnerd-league-let-it-go-become-a-nerd through this part. Forget the reputation nerds get in high school, especially if it was your own experience.

Just let it go, like Elsa taught you.

More importantly: don’t pay attention to how you think nerds are supposed to look like. In this day and age, everyone can become a nerd.

The thing is,

you’ll always feel uneasy about stepping into a new role. Even if you lived under a rock and had literally never heard of the nerd experience to worry about it in the first place.

It’s like becoming a singer. You feel embarrassed about practicing your tunes into a hairbrush and risking others hearing you. But being a crybaby about it was not how Beyoncé became Queen Bey.

So how do you become the nerd equivalent of Beyoncé?

Focus on the dream and block out the but’s and the why’s and the no’s.

Picture yourself as an eloquent erudite, leading convention panels and changing the world with your vast knowledge.

If you can dream it, you can be it.

Has you got your groove on? Moving right along:

Step Three: Learn the Real Definition of Nerd

This one’s quick and painless,

A nerd is a person that can dedicate enough time to any given topic of cultural interest to become a pseudo expert at it.

That’s kinda broad?

Yes it is! Because as aforementioned, being a nerd is more about awakening the dormant power within you.

The problem is people get sidetracked when they’re young.

Others tell them their interests don’t matter, or to focus on their grades or on making money. But now that you’re woke again, all you have to do is:

Step Four: Pick Your Poison

Poison, passion, it’s all the same.

Call up your inner child and ask it, point blank, what was that thing you forced it to let go of when you were trying to “grow up.”

If you default to Pokémon, that’s okay.

But do yourself a favor and try to think past that. Choosing Pokémon straight off the bat is a little too close to following the script we supposedly just torched.

If you spend hours dwelling on this and nothing but Pokémon comes up, then that’s okay. Some of us really are Pokémon masters at heart.

The most amazing thing is that there’s SO MUCH you can choose from.

For instance, over here at The Nerd League we nerd out to anime, tv shows, books, movies, comics, video games, and theater. But soon enough we’ll be nerding out to other things like art, culture, history, and tech.

Some people are nerdy because they’re obsessed with mathematical equations. Others are language nerds, otherwise known as polylinguals.

If you can come up with one thing to focus on for longer than it’s asked of you, then you’re well on your way to blossoming into a full-fledged NERD.

Step Five: Embrace Nerdhood

Becoming a nerd is like turning 21. You’re the same person, but you’re finally able to do stuff.

With your newfound conviction, you can finally re-watch InuYasha and freak out about it online. In no time you’ll be joining the Attack on Titan bandwagon.

The 21st century has made it so easy for nerds to find immediate validation, ergo satisfaction.

Fandom hubs like Tumblr and Reddit create an online community for nerds of all shapes,  tastes, preferences, and sizes.

Maybe you like shipping weird Game of Thrones couples. We can assure you there is already a tag for that on Tumblr. (We’re looking at you, Jonsa).

This kind of positive energy makes you long to become a nerd.

Nerds can find comfort in the fact that other nerds are 100x weirder.

This is the circle of life, after all.

So pick up your nerd glasses and embrace the new you.

Bonus Step: Stay up to Date

At the end of the day, we don’t just want to be nerds. We want to be the best nerds. Like no one ever was.

A good nerd is always keeping up with his or her fandom.

You can do so by following your favorite TV show on Twitter or checking out pages like The Nerd League who try to do your homework for you.

Now, do you feel ready to become a nerd?

Keep in touch with us for more insight into the nerd culture. Remember that well-rounded nerds are the best nerds!

Plus, we make really good virtual Dutch apple cakes, which we serve at our virtual gatherings that happen only in our brains. It’s truly magnificent the kind of fun you can have once you join the dark side.

If you’re new to our turf, we’re happy to make your acquaintance.

Hope we get to nerd out with you in the future! 

Do you have any other advice for budding nerds? Leave them an FYI in the comments. And don’t forget: to become a nerd is in your hands.



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