The Kastle Masterlist: Everything Frank Castle and Karen Page

Christmas time is a wonderful time, especially when the gift of Christmas is Kastle scenes to wreck your life. After fans of OTP Frank Castle x Karen Page waited for the new Punisher show to be released,Β  expectations were set and hopes were raised.

Back in February, Rachael and I shared some of our Kastle feelings in “11 Ships/OTPs You Can Dream About While You’re Still Single,” and we’re pleased to confirm that Netflix and Marvel delivered. Rachael’s glad she doesn’t have to hunt downΒ  Marvel executives. I’m just trying to cope with my feelings (still).

Just as Tumblr users took it upon themselves to start a “Kastle Appreciation Week,” we took to Twitter to get some important input from the diehard Kastle stans found there. Our hope was to compile a list of best Kastle moments so we could pair them up with actual footage of said scenes. Why? So we could all have it in one place, thus making our sobbing circle a united and organized one.

Here’s how we posed the question:

A very clever use of a Karen Page gif, if I can toot my own horn. The #Kastle tag is magnificently diligent, and we ended up being bombarded with a bunch of great scenes–some of which even I had forgotten about.

Below, you will find all the material we were able to amass. We hope it brings you as much pain and joy as it has brought us.

The Kastle Scenes Masterlist

1. The Diner Scene

A cult classic, the diner scene could also be referred to as, “that one scene where Frank Castle inadvertently reveals he’s jealous of Matt Murdock.” Of course, we as a community know that while Matt Murdock is a snack, Frank Castle is the whole meal. Facts aside, Frank’s profound speech at the diner left us all flabbergasted and pretty much ready for the sweet surrender of death.

2. The Hospital Scene

Hospital scenes are heartwrenchers in their own right. Especially if the Prince Charming in question is artfully bruised and battered and speaking in that Tired Voiceβ„’ men were gifted with. Adding on to the mix the fact that this is the first glimpse of tenderness we see from tsundere Frank and that Karen is helping him reconstruct his memories with his family…man. This ship was the highlight of Daredevil‘s second season beyond a shadow of a doubt.

3. The Forest Scene

We can’t have happiness without sadness, as Inside Out taught us. For this reason, we must acknowledge the gutting forest scene. Thanks to this painful parting, we felt even greater satisfaction when Frank and Karen reunited in The Punisher, but more on that later.

Twitter user @bog_besom also suggested the scene where Matt listens to Karen’s heartbeat when she thinks Frank has been killed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a clip for this one. But the heartbreak is here nonetheless.

4. The Jail Scene

It’s hard to be a woman in a man’s world, but that struggle is what prepared Karen to counterargue Frank. This scene produced two responses in me. The first was, “yaaas, you tell him!” The second came after Frank’s face went from mad to “in awe,” and it involved my heart growing two sizes.

5-6. The Reunion Scenes

We’re narrowing this down to two scenes: when Frank reaches out to Karen disguised as a homeless man and their conversation at Karen’s. I could rant more about this, but I feel the Kastle fandom hit the nail on the head with these ones:

7. The “Karen Is My Wife” Scene

Talk about a Freudian slip. In this scene, Frank parallels his relationship with Karen to that of Sarah and Micro. We see him get not only riled up but absolutely petrified as Lewis becomes more of a threat. Being protective is already an attractive character, but this level of freak out mixed with Frank’s rant about Karen being his family was the sedimentation of Kastle as an official, “it’s happening” thing.

8. THAT Scene

Ugh. Can he come for me, too?

9. The Insecure Frank Scene

Alright, alright. Maybe this is part of their reunion, too. BUT IT’S ITS OWN THING. Like, here we have Frank “I’m a cold-hearted massmurderer” Castle trying to act all cool and uninvolved. And his act’s working. That is until Karen “I’ve also murdered somebody and I’m really into your beard” Page asks if she’s going to see him again. The result? FRANK CASTLE GETTING ALL SHOOK NOT BELIEVING THIS GIRL ACTUALLY WANTS TO SEE HIM AGAIN (or all the time). Bye.

10. The Anvil Shooting Scene

Listen, if your man’s not willing to take a bullet for you, is he really your man? We couldn’t find a clip for this one either, but the gif pretty much covers it.

11. The Elevator Scene

The most iconic. The whole scheme they come up with to allow Frank to escape. Karen reaching to him but falling short because she has no strength left. The repressed kiss that didn’t happen because it’s too soon. And of course, the promise of how satisfying and fulfilling it will feel when it finally happens. Because it’s happening.

12. The Bridge Scene

FRANK CASTLE GAVE KAREN A KISS ON THE CHEEK AND I’M DEAD. But of course we can’t find a stand-alone clip, so this Tumblr gif compilation will have to do. That being said, I’m still shook over Karen being affected/destroyed by Frank’s life choices and Frank realizing he’s in too deep and will now have to look after himself if he doesn’t want to wreck this woman. And he doesn’t want to. Because he kisses her. Because he’s thankful for her worry and her caring.

13. The Castle Apartment Scene

And finally, my personal favorite. When Frank covers Karen with his body to protect her from harm. This is when I knew that Kastle wasn’t in my head. That Kastle was real and Matt Murdock was gonna have to suck it.

AAAnd in case you’re not wrecked enough yet, take The National (My favorite band, the saddest band) mixed in with Kastle scenes:

You’re welcome.

Now we just gotta wait for The Punisher’s second season.



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