Stranger Picks: Kill Six Billion Demons

Kill Six Billion Demons, Book 1
Tom Parkinson-Morgan

kill six billion demons

© Image Comics

Allison Ruth just wants to kiss her boyfriend, and maybe lose her virginity if everything goes according to plan. But when her boyfriend suddenly gets kidnapped by a bunch of demons and taken to Throne, the oldest city at the center of the multiverse, Allison must travel there to get him back.
A vibrant rollercoaster ride of lore and characters, Kill Six Billion Demons throws you into the deep end alongside Allison as she grabs her quest by the horns.

The Premise

Allison is a badass, a reluctant hero, and really just trying to live her own life. She tries her best against slang spitting demons, flaming angels, and too many eyeballs. Her boyfriend’s missing, there’s an ancient key of immense power glowing on her forehead that every demon under and over the sun is trying to track down, and there are seven other evil kings with keys of their own ready to kill Allison for hers. So of course she’s a little upset. On top of all that, she finds out her boyfriend was supposed to be the chosen one, but she is instead?

Also there’s lore. There’s a lot of lore. If you’re the kind of person who loves massive worldbuilding, background details, and maps of the major locations featuring little insights on who and where and why, then this is the right comic for you.

There are Psalms at the beginning of every chapter offering clues on Throne’s past. Why is Throne decaying left and right and what does Allison have to do with it? I only wish that the map of Throne in the issue was a fold out and not shrunk to fit the page. It’s almost impossible to read all the little details and notes as is.

The Art

The art is fun, detailed, and distinctive. Allison’s expressions are my favorite, since she’s always at 100% all the time. From the very first page, where she doesn’t even look like she’s enjoying kissing her boyfriend, to every time she stands up after getting kicked down, Allison’s emotions are always on her face.

As you can imagine, it’s impossible for her to lie to anyone about anything. But that somehow always works in her favor. Demons think she’s interesting and angels doubt her inexperience at being in Throne for the first time. The art style suits Allison, suits all the creatures, suits the outfits and weapons and grisly deaths. It only adds to the story being told, the magnitude of the stakes, and the fun you get from being along for the ride.

How to Read It

While the first volume is out by Image Comics, with the second one on the horizon, the webcomic is still ongoing over at It’s just as fun as it ever has been, and every time someone new gets introduced, I’m always pumped.

There’s even an RPG game where youyes you!can play as a demon fighting for the right to kingship in Throne! It looks like it’s filled with lore and roles, giving the reader a better background of the world and its inhabitants. You know I’ll be playing that bad boy over the weekend, cozy in bed under three comforters. But for those of you still not sold, read the webcomic before buying a copy. There’s even a David Bowie demon.

Kill Six Billion Demons, Book 1 was released on September 7, published by Image Comics, ongoing online. The second book will be released on January 9, also by Image Comics.

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