Konbini Life: Watch Out for this Quirky Dating Sim

Have you ever wondered what working at a Japanese convenience store feels like? Probably not. But Konbini Life, a game developed by 2BirdsGames, will make you wish you had.

If you’re looking to waste away your summer inexpensively (like yours truly), I recommend taking a deep dive into the itch.io pool. Itch is an online platform populated with indie computer-based games. It’s a great place to find free demos for games that are in need of your support.

Konbini Life is one of them.

The current playthrough takes around 20-30 minutes at most, but it’s enough to garner your love. Trust us.

But first, a little Konbini backstory:

Konbini Life follows a university-flunkee named Natsu as she works the night shift at a convenience store named “MegaKonbiniMart.” What first draws you in are 2BirdsGames’ amazing illustrations. That, and a genuine curiosity for figuring out why people are reacting so emotionally in the comments about a story set in a convenience store.

During gameplay, however, you quickly realize how enthralling the story can be. You immediately care deeply for Natsu-chan and her three possible love interests: Grouchy, her tsundere coworker, Glasses, a weird but sweet businessman and undercover otaku, and Prince, a beautiful foreigner who is probably filthy rich and buys snacks in bulk.

To complicate the narrative, a shoplifter appears. It is up to you how you want to deal with the incident, which character’s help you want to enlist, and what your attitude towards the shoplifter will be.


konbini life review 2birds konbini life review 2birds konbini life review 2birds konbini life review 2birds

My impression so far:

  • The storyline promises awesome character development, smooth gameplay, and already makes you feel like you’re living in your own romance anime. (Very Josei friendly, may I add).
  • For a visual novel, it’s playthrough is so dynamic it feels like regular gameplay.
  • I already know I’d 10/10 marry Grouchy, f*ck Prince, and kill Glasses. But most of all, I’m invested in Natsu helping out Grouchy and then getting her life together. The girl can do great things, and maybe Glasses can hook her up with a job!

I truly hope the completed version of this game hits the market soon, because The Nerd League is definitely getting a copy.

You can download a demo here: https://2birds.itch.io/konbini-life

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