Legion: Twitter Reacts

There are plenty of reasons why FX’s brilliant, mind-blowing new show, Legion, should be at the top of your to-watch list. Reasons like: Aubrey Plaza stealing ever scene she’s in, a phenomenal soundtrack, Jean Smart, Dan Stevens playing crazy so well, and Noah Hawley’s uncanny ability for making retro-futurism look pretty dang cool. In fact, it’s pretty safe to Legion is the most visually stunning comic book adaptation to date, which has us pretty excited considering we’re only one episode in.

But, just like everyone else who watched last night, we have plenty of questions. Will we ever see David Haller’s iconic hair? Who (or what) was in that dog crate? If Jean Smart/Melanie Bird is pro-mutant, why does she make us so nervous? What kind of powers does Melanie Bird have (if any)? Are Sidney’s powers Rogue-like for a reason? Where can we get our hands on Amy Haller’s flower print coat? Who was the interrogator working for? And what’s with the demon with the yellow eyes?

As a means of coping with out emotions, TNL took to Twitter post-premier to round up some of our favorite fan reactions. And if you happen to have any theories please share them in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!



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