The Magicians Recap: S2E9 “Lesser Evils”

This is Season 2 Episode 9 of The Magicians: “Lesser Evils”

In this installment of The Magicians, Quentin finally does something about his Alice situation, and Julia shows her true colors. Meanwhile, Margo bargains with a fairy ambassador, and a senator is kidnapped. Keep reading for more fun under the sun.

A Les Mis performance leads Eliot into battle

magicians recap syfy season 2 episode 9 lesser evils

© Syfy

The High King and Queen of Fillory had been trying to save the sinking ship for far too long. It was about time shit properly hit the fan. (If anything in Fillory can go down “properly,” that is). After Julia’s tree genocide, the monarchs lose Fillorian approval and are left with no army. As a last resort, Eliot challenges the Lorian king to a duel where one king must die in order for the other to win.

Lucky for Eliot, who has no combat knowledge, Fen’s family had been safeguarding a custom-made sword and a spell that grants lazy human rulers complete mastery of swordsmanship. The caveat, as there always is one, is that there can’t be any magic brownouts while Eliot’s in battle.

Margo leads Eliot into battle by enchanting the whole castle to sing Les Mis, yet has to leave midway to deal with the fairy ambassador she’s bargaining with to get the well fixed. What the fairies want is Eliot’s baby, which Margo agrees to deliver by tricking Fen into agreeing to do “whatever Margo asks her to” if Eliot comes back alive.  Which he does, but not because he needed magic to win. Turns out the Lorian king is also gay, and now he and Eliot have agreed to marry and share the wellspring.

So if you add that all up, it means we have a fixed wellspring and owe a baby. Next episode will be fun.

Shadeless, shameless Julia

magicians recap syfy season 2 episode 9 lesser evils

© Syfy

For someone who’s never liked Julia, these episodes are really getting to me. It’s as if everything that I’ve ever hated about her has bubbled up to the surface and magnified. Meanwhile, anything that made Julia worthy to keep around has disappeared. In this episode, Penny and Kady come to rescue her from the dungeon so they can go after Reynard’s son, who is obviously a senator running for office.

While on their mission to kidnap him, it becomes apparent that Julia doesn’t mind killing him. Later on, Reynard tracks them down back at Brakebills and manages to enter the premises during one of the magic brownouts. While everyone in school is running for cover, Julia takes a weakened Quentin and feeds him to Reynard in hopes that he’ll release Alice and use her power as a “nuclear bomb” on Reynard.

Penny and Kady arrive just in time, although neither of them can do much to help the situation. Instead, it is the senator who approaches his father and transports out of Fillory with him. Obviously, even though Quentin made it out of it alive, Kady can’t keep lying to herself. She locks up Julia in a magic-less room and tells her that although not her fault, nothing can be done about the fact that she doesn’t “feel” like a human does anymore.

Quentin says goodbye

magicians recap syfy season 2 episode 9 lesser evils

© Syfy

Throughout the episode, Quentin’s state continues to weaken. He’s bleeding more and more through his nose and he’s realizing he really can’t keep Alice inside for long. In the end, he releases her, saying that he hopes she’ll really go out there to do “beautiful magic” and not harm others, as she says.

Once released, Alice takes a while before showing herself and ends up giving Quentin nothing but a smirk before disappearing. Is this the last we see of Alice? Probably not. But this will also be the first time Quentin will actually be without her, and I already feel bad for the dude.

“Lesser Evil” Episode Vitals

MVP:  Penny
Biggest Annoyance: Julia’s mere existence.
Favorite Moment:  I have to admit, the Les Mis rendition.
Funniest Line: “If someone had told me a year ago that I’d be venting to my wife while preparing to do battle on behalf of my mythical kingdom … I’d have done a lot more drugs.” – Eliot to Fen

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