The Magicians Recap: S2E10 “The Girl Who Told Time”

This is Season 2 Episode 10 of The Magicians: “The Girl Who Told Time”

In this episode of The Magicians, we find out about the library’s Poison Room, Margo comes clean to Fen, and Quentin talks to an Alice from another dimension. Scroll down for more heartache.

Eliot turns into Groomzilla

magicians recap syfy season 2 episode 10 the girl who told time

© Syfy

Margo is close to losing her mind thanks to Eliot’s constant nagging about the wedding. We don’t get to see his husband-to-be at all in this episode, but Eliot is busy trying to set everything up for a very extravagant private wedding. He wants to use the opportunity to win the favor of his subjects. (He’s doing pretty bad in the polls). However, no food proves decent enough and Eliot has Quentin fetch Josh from Brakebills.

After many failed attempts, Eliot agrees to have Josh prepare a potion that can make all Fillorian subjects love him. Except he makes a really strong one and the dishwasher boy gets really…drunk on it? This is the perfect opportunity for Josh to find out the FU Fighters have been passing notes through the kitchen. After Margo puts a tracking spell on the note, Josh is commissioned to infiltrate the FU Fighter base and drug the members with his potion.

Obviously, the cat couldn’t stay in the bag for too long, especially when Fairies are popping up everywhere. (Very creepy, btw). Fen thinks she’s hallucinating, but after catching Margo looking at one of the Fairies, Fen confronts her. Margo admits she bargained their unborn child, but that’s she’s working on a way to fix it. Before the episode ends, though, Fen goes to complain to Eliot (who turns out to be a Fairy) and might’ve gotten abducted?

Penny and Kady go on a book-hunting adventure

magicians recap syfy season 2 episode 10 the girl who told time

© Syfy

Penny’s job at the library started sooner than he expected. Kady is transported along with him for his first day at work, so to make the most of her time she tries to find a book on killing gods. The librarian she speaks to isn’t helpful and tells her gods are only killed in mythologies. She’s pretty annoyed by the service, but doesn’t have too much room to complain given that Penny’s got it worse. His hands? Yeah, he’s going to have to do the research to fix them himself.

Penny’s job description involves fetching overdue books for the Order. This takes Penny and Kady to FuzzBeat, a click-bait website that features a lot of cat videos. As it turns out, the place is run by a deaf magician (and other minion magicians), and the click-bait content is actually encoded magic. All of this is beside the point, though, because the website HQ won’t be there for much longer.

Penny and Kady return the book to the library. Yet, when the librarian checks it in,  a curse spell is released from the book causing him to perform a task against his will. Needing much effort, he presses an emergency button that basically kills him on the spot. Penny is later told that he was trying to protect the Poison Room, the room where they keep all magic books that are too powerful. Kady and Penny debate whether they should gain access to it or not, but their decision-making is cut short when they return to find the FuzzBeat offices vacated.

Once again, it is Alice’s job to save Julia

magicians recap syfy season 2 episode 10 the girl who told time

© Syfy

It seems like over and over Alice, be it Niffin Alice, Other Dimension Alice, or regular Alice, is forced to help Julia when she least deserves it. This time around, an Alice from another dimension (one who was the lone survivor against the Beast) is the only one who knows how to bring Julia’s shade back (kind of). So, after Quentin has a vision where he speaks with Julia’s shade, Dean Fogg and Julia set up a Tesla Flexion machine to transport the other Alice into their current dimension. Of course, they can only hold it for two minutes…which would’ve been fine.

HAD IT NOT BEEN BECAUSE ALICE WAS SAD AND BROKEN. They couldn’t even touch because mixing other dimension particles gets crazy, apparently. So instead, we get to watch Alice crumbling into pieces, apologizing to Quentin, and Quentin getting the information he needed + 100 more years worth of heartache.


“The Girl Who Told Time” Episode Vitals

MVP:  Fen. She’s having a real hard time right now.
Biggest Annoyance: The librarians being so weird all the time. I’m supposed to love librarians!
Favorite Moment:  Penny losing his mind over not being able to understand sign language.
Funniest Line: “Aw, honey, we both know rehab is about more than nachos and backgammon.” – Margo to Eliot

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