The Magicians Recap: S2E8 “Word as Bond”

This is Season 2 Episode 8 of The Magicians: “Word as Bond”

In a low-key way, this episode will creep up on you with its angsty claws. The tone shifts dramatically from past sob-story Julia time and heist action. Instead we get a wacky one-woman show performed by Julia, juxtaposed with Alice’s crazy shit and Eliot’s near-death experience. For this and more, continue reading our recap of “Word as Bond.”

Julia’s shade is gone

syfy magicians recap season 2 episode 8 word as bond

© Syfy

Which means she’s really happy? She’s jumping up and down. She feels light. And as always, her mood and priorities are completely offensive to whatever is happening around her. At least now it’s not exactly on purpose.

Throughout the episode, Julia is set on pulling some power moves. She first opens a portal to exit Brakebills, obsessed with finding Dana’s son to use him as an energy source to defeat Reynard. Of Reynard himself, she’s not worried. Why? Because according to her, if he wanted her dead, she’d already be. So obviously she leaves Brakebills and Reynard finds her. Luckily, Quentin is there to save her using the magic button to transport them to Fillory. Julia isn’t thankful.

Q leaves Julia under Margo’s custody before returning to Earth. Nothing goes swimmingly. But more on that laterz.

Penny x Kady

syfy magicians recap season 2 episode 8 word as bond

© Syfy

First and foremost, Penny’s hand saga continues as he runs around looking for more stuff for Mayakovsky. This time, he ends up at his favorite place: the inter-dimensional library. When he informs the librarian of the reason for his visit, she urges him to sign a contract with the smarty-pant magicians who run the library. In the end, Penny agrees, selling his soul and labor to them for a million years. Which is a great deal, in my opinion.

The good news is the big talk I wanted finally happened. Kady is done tippy-toeing around awkward post-sex biz, and Penny says he’s down to keep things business-casual. However, a drunken Kady later reveals she is a recuperating addict and tries to scare Penny away by insulting him. Instead, she achieves the opposite. Penny confesses he’s in love with her, and she seems pleased. Unfortunately, the cute moment doesn’t move past that since Quentin immediately busts through the doors bleeding.

Penny has been trying all episode to figure out what is going on in Quentin’s head (i.e. Alice), but Q’s wards have been keeping Alice’s secret safe. Seeing him bleeding and nearly belligerent, Kady knocks Quentin out so Penny can “inspect” him. Alice tries to kill dream Penny to get him out of Quentin’s head, but he manages to escape. Guess that cat’s out of the bag.

Nothing’s easy in Fillory

syfy magicians recap season 2 episode 8 word as bond

© Syfy

Margo is having a hard enough time trying to get Fillory successfully through a war to deal with Eliot’s unconsciousness. Fillorian magicians are trying every enchantment possible, but the magic brownouts aren’t helping the process.

Curiously, the biggest threat to Fillory at the moment involves a bunch of uncooperative trees guarded by dryads. Thanks to Julia’s knowledge of the Fillory books, the High Queen knows she must bargain with the tree keepers. Margo is reluctantly convinced by Julia to let her tag along. Girl should’ve trusted her instinct.

After some sexist remarks, Julia doesn’t really feel keen on protecting the trees. Instead, she returns on her own at a later date with an offering for the dryads. A pretty chest filled with…explosives. She ends up destroying the trees and causing even more outrage in Fillory. Even though she ends up being thrown in the dungeon by Margo, Julia’s still pretty pleased with herself. You see, right before blowing up some trees, she successfully stalked a Lorian master magician who was able to give her an invisibility charm of sorts that can protect her from Reynard.

At least Eliot wakes up!

More suffering for Quentin

syfy magicians recap season 2 episode 8 word as bond

© Syfy

Alice has begun taking control of Quentin’s body as agreed, and she happens to be using her free time to try to live forever as an unboxable Niffin. Quentin awakes at random places after her time in control is over, always terrified of what he might’ve done while unconscious.

Alice’s craziness takes them as far as Ireland, where she tries to convince Friar Joseph, the only Niffin who has been able to escape sealing or whatever. Thing is, Friar Joseph isn’t too impressed with Alice, saying she hasn’t even figured out how to get out of a lowly magician’s back tattoo. Which is a fair assessment, I suppose.

This is right around the point where Q starts bleeding from his nose. Alice tells him that it’s his body’s reaction to trying to retain a Niffin. Is this true? Maybe. But the friar did give Q a pretty good magical beating beforehand, so.

On Dana’s son

syfy magicians recap season 2 episode 8 word as bond

© Syfy

Penny, Kady, and Quentin try to help Julia while she’s in Fillory by tracking down Dana’s son. They enchant a camera (with the help of Niffin Alice’s wisdom in exchange for more Quentin piloting time) to be able to look at events from forty years past.

The trio then heads to the hospital ward where Dana’s son was picked up by his adoptive father. When they try using the camera, however, his face is scratched and you can’t tell who it is. Alas, another roadblock from Dana.

I just have the feeling that we already know Dana’s son. But, who is he???

“Word as Bond” Episode Vitals

MVP: …Julia?
Biggest Annoyance: Also Julia.
Favorite Moment:  The look Margo and Julia share when the dryad is sexist.
Funniest Line: “You just stand there and look vaguely indignant or whatever.” – Margo to Julia

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