Magicians Recap: S3E03 “The Losses of Magic”

This Recap Contains Spoilers for The Magicians Season 3 Episode 3: “The Losses of Magic”

In “The Losses of Magic,” The Magicians test my patience by toying with Penny’s life, Margo is forced to regain control of the Muntjac, Eliot and family escape through a magic door, and Alice has another rough day.

Penny’s body is dead, but Penny’s soul is not

the magicians recap review syfy season 3 episode 3 the losses of magic

© Syfy

Syfy, life is hard enough. I don’t need to be worrying about Penny dying/suffering on top of it. But okay, I get it. Penny’s storyline needs somewhere to go and something to do while the quest for the seven keys goes on. And, it’s not like we ever truly feel like Penny is actually dying. I mean, magic will be turned back on eventually and somebody will be able to do something, right? Right?

Anyways, this whole segment played out like a scene straight out of Addams Family. First, we have Penny looking like Uncle Fester, festering the heck away in a super gothic bedroom (just too many drapes and shit). Then, Julia and Kady succeed at summoning a demon called Asteroth. At first he makes a joke about how people often mistake his name for his brother’s (making me feel ill/like we just wasted the one battery summoning the wrong demon). But then it turns out this demon’s as good as any.

So this demon, who looks like Lurch and Grandma Frump‘s lovechild, finds tumors quite delectable and digs his filthy-ass nails into Penny’s torso. Penny is in a lot of pain, I’m in a lot of disgust, and Kady is about to pass the fuck out. Of course, Julia is mostly chill though affected by this whole situation. Penny projects out of his body (fair) and in the end, a successful tumor removal still results in Penny’s death. BUT PENNY’S ASTRAL PROJECTION IS STILL IN THE ROOM SO, OKAY. WE BREATHE.

Alice returns home, which turns out to be a horrible idea

the magicians recap review syfy season 3 episode 3 the losses of magic

© Syfy

Stephanie Quinn is not at all amused by the fact that her least favorite offspring didn’t even bother to call to inform her she wasn’t dead anymore. Her anger is understandable and justified, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to start liking Stephanie now. On the other hand, Daniel Quinn is just happy to see his daughter. But he probably shouldn’t be.

Drama at the Quinn household starts when Alice’s new cat freaks out at the sight of Carol (her parents’ old girlfriend who is now fat and sad because her illusion magic doesn’t work). It’s not until Quentin makes his presence known that they realize it’s him who’s carrying the Lamprey. The whole segment becomes a wild goose chase involving a ton of plastic wrap and a home-made taser.

At one point, the Lamprey abandons Quentin, allowing him and Alice to finally have a proper conversation. Alice believes Quentin only sees the old her, the person she can’t ever go back to being, and Quentin understands her reservations but still cares for her. In the end, the Lamprey takes over Daniel, getting Alice to confess her Niphin self only experimented on the Lamprey’s children because of the pretty lights they made when they died. After tasing Daniel, he soon collapses from a heart-attack, leaving the Quinn family down to just Alice and Stephanie.

Eliot and family escape through a magic door while Margo deals with their BS

the magicians recap review syfy season 3 episode 3 the losses of magic

© Syfy

After the Muntjac is highjacked by pirates, Eliot and his family take cover. In this room, they find a door with a keyhole fitting the first of the seven keys. Through there, the family escapes to God knows where. Back in Fillory, Margo is trying to solve a mushroom planting debacle when she hears word of the Muntjac‘s situation. Striking yet another bargain with the Fairy Queen, Margo and her right-hand Tick sail to supposedly meet the High King.

Upon arrival, Tick takes it upon himself to pick-pocket the Fairy Queen and regain Margo’s eye. Margo has to deal with a female pirate captain who “could never resist a one-eyed girl,” and while they both agree on most diplomatic terms, Margo is in absolute shock to hear she must allow the Muntjac to be raped by the pirates’ ship.

Margo visits the ship’s center to ask her what she wants to do. Of course, there’s no reply from the Muntjac, but the Fairy Queen is touched by Margo’s words. In the end, the Fairy Queen kills off all of the pirates to save the Muntjac and the Fillorians (probably because she recognizes something in Margo), but still demands the eye back. Margo, of course, crushes her own eye when returning it, even protecting Tick from the Queen.

The Verdict

the magicians recap review syfy season 3 episode 3 the losses of magic

© Syfy

Three separate storylines is something we can handle. The episode was well organized, and every character’s path seems to be leading in the right direction. At some point, a weird lady even warns Julia that she thought “she’d be further along by now,” insisting that they’re going to have to “push her.” This not only indicates that Julia’s spark of magic might be the actual (or final) key to bringing back magic, but that all the tragedy surrounding Penny and Alice might be the “push” itself. The clock’s ticking on our Magicians, but the plot’s thickening is promising a delectable brew. Just stop playing with Penny’s life. Thanks. He will not be one of the “losses of magic.”

“The Losses of Magic” Episode Vitals

MVP: Margo
Biggest Annoyance: Penny half dying and Daniel actually dying
Favorite Moment:  When even the Fairy Queen had to admit Margo was boss
Funniest Line: Tick’s whole speech about being world-class pickpocketer. Like, good for you, champ.

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The Magicians S3E03, "The Losses of Magic"

The Magicians S3E03, "The Losses of Magic"












  • Margo the Destroyer
  • Tick and Margo's budding friendship
  • Carol sans illusion magic


  • Little Eliot in this episode
  • #JusticeForDaniel



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