Weekend Reads: Nailbiter Vol. 1

©Image Comics

©Image Comics

On the surface, Buckaroo looks and feels a lot like every other rural, slightly dilapidated, podunk American town. Only it’s not. In fact, Buckaroo is the birthplace of 16 (!!!) of the most repulsive and terrifying serial killers in recorded history. These are men and women that would have Dexter and Hannibal shaking in their boots. In Vol. 1 of the ongoing Nailbiter series, There Will Be Blood, readers are introduced to a small handful of the Buckaroo Butchers.

There’s The Cross Bones Killer, The Blonde, The Book Burner, The Terrible Twos and the worst of the worst: Edward Charles Warren, the titular Nailbiter, who would kidnap men and women and chew on their fingernails before killing them. Warren claims that his killing days are over, but when an FBI profiler goes missing and bodies start to turn up, the blame falls quickly to him. Warren reluctantly joins forces with a deeply troubled NSA agent (who happens to be facing murder charges himself), and a tough as… well… nails police officer to track down the culprit and help prove his innocence (at least this time around.)

Nailbiter is not a story for the faint of heart. If you’re not a fan of blood, gore, body horror, or jumping out of your skin at the slightest sound, then Nailbiter probably isn’t for you. That being said, it’s a fascinating, well written story with a mystery at its center that will suck you in and have you dying to find out more.

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