Outlander Recap: S03E11 “Uncharted”

This Outlander Recap contains spoilers for S03E11 “Uncharted”.

“Uncharted” is quite an eventful episode for Claire: She finds herself on a  Caribbean island, gets sunburnt, suffers an attack by local pests, befriends some locals that smoke a bit more than they should,  attends a family wedding, gets way more drunk than she expected, and gets laid. So pretty much,  Claire becomes the quintessential Caribbean tourist.

Leaving all jokes aside, this episode is sort of split in the middle for me, between being a great episode and a bizarre one. The episode picks up significantly after Jamie and Claire are reunited (again). I guess the best way to describe this episode is like a very poorly done Coco Loco. There’s coconut water, and there’s alcohol, but the two aren’t properly mixed, so you spend 45 minutes drinking a  coconut mix that you don’t really want, and the good stuff doesn’t really hit you until the last 15 minutes.

The episode picks up a few hour after the end of “Heaven and Earth”. Claire is still on her floaty and has arrived on the solid ground. But where, specifically in the Caribbean, she has no idea. The first few minutes of the episode consisted of Claire, navigating through the beach and forest in search of water, knowing that it was an essential thing she needed to stay alive. At first, she tries to get water off of leaves but then gives up on this. She continues to travel in the hopes of finding the main road. She’s unsuccessful in both of her endeavors but is at least able to light a fire before going to sleep.

However, the next morning she wakes up to find her legs covered in fire ants. Now, if you’ve never been bitten by one of those, let me tell you that it hurts like hell. Things don’t improve with Claire as she wanders into the forest, and while she’s able to find a source of water, via coconut trees, all the coconuts that are within her reach have completely dried up. Later that night she’s going back to sleep and wakes to find her entire body surrounded by a snake.

Now, as a native of the island Claire has found herself in, I was relaxed since I knew that as long as the show was attempting to stick to some level of accuracy,  the snake wouldn’t be poisonous. Claire, however, is not aware of this and is obviously scared out of her mind.  



After this traumatic experience, Claire was successful in at the very least finding other humans, as she had passed out in front of what looked like a priest giving mass (in English no less).

Claire wakes up sometime later, tied to a bed and with ointment on her wounds. A woman comes up to her and tells her in Spanish that she had tied her so she wouldn’t scratch herself, and also gives Claire some water. The woman takes notice of Claire’s strange clothing (identified by her zipper), but leaves her alone, presumably after realizing that there is a language barrier between the two.

Later, the same priest that Claire had seen earlier comes up to her. He introduces himself as  Father Fogden and tells Claire that his dog had found her at his residence. Fogden is (conveniently) also English. Fogden is delighted with Claire: not only is she a fellow English woman, but a physician. He is also convinced that Claire has brought him good luck, since when she arrived one of his goats was able to successfully give birth — something that hadn’t happened in a while.

(While I don’t think this is a sign that Claire has been of good fortune to the goats, I do see this as the goats being good fortune to Claire.)

Fogden tells Claire that they are on the island of Saint-Domingue. To Claire’s relief, she realizes she’s relatively close to Jamaica. She immediately asks how she can get passage to Jamaica. Luckily, there is a nearby village where she could begin her journey. But, unluckily, her new host is reluctant to let her go.

See, Father Fogden has a coconut named Coco. Fogden tells her that Coco could most definitely not allow her to leave since she is still unwell. Fogden then starts ‘conversing’ with Coco, and Coco ‘reminds’ him of all the Maroons and Pirates Claire could encounter on her own.  

The woman in the house, who is referred to as Mamacita, comes back into the room.  Father Fogden says that they should probably find her an appropriate dress, and he suggests she might fit into a woman named Ermenegilda’s dress. Mamacita declares that Claire is too much of a “cow” to fit in that dress and that she stinks, thus declaring her unfit for Ermenegilda’s dress.

Claire is finally able to take a bath– something I’m guessing she probably hasn’t been able to do since she joined the Porpoise. Since she was declared unworthy of Eremnegilda’s dress, she has to wear Father Fogdens’ old robe.

After her bath, Claire sits down to eat with Fogden and Mamacita. Claire gives her dish a bit of a side-eye, which I don’t blame her for because it’s made of what looks like some very poorly fried plantains that don’t really look like plantains.

As they sit down to eat, Fogden shares his story with Claire: He had been a priest in the island of Cuba and had fallen in love with the beautiful Ermenegilda. She had been married to a strong and powerful man, but who had been a very cruel husband. One evening, he escaped Cuba with her, aided by conveniently-timed British invasion of Cuba.They made it safely into St Dgo, but the poor Ermenegilda died shortly after.

Following this tale, Father Fogden proceeds to smoke something called Yupa. Now, I have never in my life heard of Yupa, but considering that this man talks to a coconut that he named coconut ( but in Spanish) I’m going to assume this substance has some effects on his person.

Claire asks once again about when would be a good time for her to leave. Fogden begins to say that she needs to wait a few more weeks, and declares that he must accompany her. But, Mamacita really wants Claire to leave, since in her eyes Claire is a “Jezebel”. From their conversation, we learn that Mamacita is Eremenegilda’s mother and that she is afraid Father Fogden will try to take Claire as a replacement for his daughter. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get through one episode without someone calling Claire a whore?

Claire steps out of the dining room as Fogden and Mamacita begin to discuss her. She also accidentally steals a mirror which becomes relevant to the plot because subtlety has flown out the window.  Fogden comes over to Claire and confirms to her what the audience already knew.: Ermenegildo was Mamacita’s only child, and she was afraid that Father Fogden would forget her daughter and replace her with Claire. Fogden tells Claire that he could never do that, because of how much he had loved her. In this scene, Claire recognizes the same grief she experienced over Jamie in Fogden,  and tries to use that to her advantage: She tells him how she could lose her husband if she’s not able to get to Jamaica soon.  And, for a split of a second, it looks like Fogden understands her urgency and is willing to help her.

But then, that moment passes, and Fogden declares that he will consult with Coco in the morning.

 Mamacita is very much on Claire’s side. And we see that she had washed and mended all of Claire’s clothing. With Mamacita’s help, all Claire can try to do is to try to convince Fogden that she is ready to go. The best way to do it? By having a conversation with the goddamned coconut and trying to act like it had told her she should go to the village. Before Father Fogden can respond, and before anyone watching can truly internalize the fact that Claire Beauchamp Fraser, MD was just talking to a coconut.  tries to talk to Coco, Mamacita comes rushing in from the outside yelling about how Arabella (the goat) had been killed by a Chinese sailor.

Of course, Claire doesn’t catch on to any of this since it is all said in Spanish. She does have the pleasure to see how Father Fogden sets some bugs onto the skull of the goat Mamacita had brought back. Fogden mentions that they were from Abandawe, a cave in Jamaica. Now, if you have a good memory, you’ll recall the name Abandawe being mentioned in a previous episode.

But, once again, before the audience can take all of that in, Fogden mentions the Chinese sailor again. Claire immediately puts two and two together and asks him where the sailor was. Fogden doesn’t tell her, but Mamacita is able to give her directions.

And, indeed, the Chinese sailor that cooked the goat was Yi Tien Cho. The Artemis had been shipwrecked, and lost a mast and several crewmen, the Captain included. The remaining men and Marsali had gone to the shore to fix the mast.  One of the other sailors had made a deal with Jamie: the sailor would take on some of the captain’s responsibilities from the Sailing side of things, but he asks Jamie to take on some of the leadership responsibilities. Besides this incident, the crew seems to be doing well. They’re making jokes and teasing each other, even including Hayes!  

Meanwhile,  Claire is trying to rush to the beach and cuts her arm pretty badly in the process. By the time she gets there, they’re already on the boat, but she’s able to signal to them with the mirror she had accidentally stolen.

And Claire and Jamie are (finally) reunited (once again)!


I mean you’re not wrong © Starz .

As the previous established medical assistant, Yi Tien Cho is tasked with helping sew up Claire’s arm. As he does this, Claire and Jamie begin to talk about what they will do next. Claire told Jamie about Captain Leonard’s quest of him, but  Jamie is still determined in that they have to rescue Ian; they’ll just have to make sure that Leonard doesn’t find him.

Jamie also tells Claire that he’s given Marsali and Fergus their blessing, and he tells her how, amidst all the death and suffering that they had all just witnessed, there was a long overdue celebration. He suggests that they celebrate the wedding that he had promised Fergus and Marsali.

And, fortunately, they have a readily available priest (of questionable sanity).  Of course, Yi Tien Cho has to come forward and apologize for killing Arabella, but once that’s done, the wedding is set to go.

Claire goes help out the new bride get ready and asks her if she’s nervous. At first, Marsali is a bit defensive (and she is very certain in the decision she is making), but there are still some doubts that she has before her wedding.

Marsali still seems reluctant of Claire, but in the same way, her own mother had gone seeking for Claire’s wisdom many episodes ago, Marsali had also wanted to ask Claire for a professional favor: Marsali wanted to know how to stop herself from getting pregnant. As she tells Claire, she wanted to be able to enjoy her husband before she had to worry about any kids.  Not only because Marsali finally brings down her walls with Claire, but she also admits to her she sees in Claire and Jamie a marriage that she wants to follow. It’s an incredibly sweet moment, and Claire promises to share some birth control methods for Marsali after they have returned to the boat. YAY FEMALE BONDING AMONGST ALL THE SEA VOYAGE SHENANIGANS!

It’s wedding time.  I know people always make a big fuss about brides during their wedding days, but if there is one bride that deserves all of that fuss and more, it’s Marsali Jane McKimmie Fraser.

It should come as no surprise that Father Fogden is horrible at his job. First and foremost, he tries to have Marsali married to some other guy since he assumes that Fergus can’t be the groom since he doesn’t have a hand. Now if for anyone had doubts about Marsali being in love with Fergus, these should have been squashed by the incredibly angry look on her face when Fogden asked her if she minded that Fergus didn’t have a hand.

His next response is to ask “Oh but does he have a cock?”

To which Marsali, bless her, responds:


©Starz .


©Starz .

Fergus is a bit embarrassed, but Marsali is not afraid to speak her mind about how much she wants Fergus and him that her outspokenness is one of the things he loves about her.  Fogden then proceeds to ask for their names. He spends a good five minutes repeating Marsalis’s name until Marsali yells at him about it.

Fogden then forgets the wedding vows, and Marsali is pretty close to performing her own ceremony.

The real wedding tear-jerker is when Fogden asks for Fergus’s full name, which of course only consists of his first name.  Fogden begins to go on about how he can’t marry them without him without a surname when Jamie speaks up and says that his name is Fergus Claudel Fraser. (Beka, my wonderful editor was openly crying at that point – HE IS THEIR SON, Y’ALL.)

After the wedding, Claire is enjoying a nice bowl of soup, when Jamie walks in holding a small kit – the same one that has her supply of XXth century antibiotics. Claire explains that it wouldn’t have been enough for all the men, and that penicillin, in particular, would not have been able to combat the Typhoid. It was probably for the best since after her wound being stitched up, Claire had developed a fever. And while she was fortunate to have brought her mighty antibiotics,  Claire is hindered by the fact that she can only use one arm, aaand she’s totally drunk.

Now, we have seen many drunk!Claires in the past. The first season of the show gave us: a flirty and tipsy Claire, Claire drinking her sorrows away, and Claire drinking her wedding nerves away. But we have never had the joy of seeing “Drunk and horny Claire” until this episode. Apparently, she only comes around when you mix a bowl of turtle soup with quite a lot of Sherry.

Drunk and horny Claire is sort of the best: she is quite literally climbing the furniture so she can get to Jamie.  Now Jamie keeps trying to distract her, stating that she’s far too drunk, is hurt, and has a fever. But drunk and horny Claire is not hearing any of this, and to be quite honest, Jamie seems to have mostly been doing it to tease her.

Yi Tien Cho comes around their cabin to ask if Claire had liked the soup, by which point they’re already going at it like horses if ye ken my meaning (Jamie Fraser will never live that one down).

And the episode ends as every episode on this show should end: with Claire and Jamie happily going at it while Yi Tien Cho smiles and leaves them to their happy times, probably thinking to himself (that’s a turtle soup well made). Of course, who knows how long they get to be happy given how things have gone for these two lovebirds in the past.

“Uncharted” Episode Vitals:

MVP: While Yi Tien Cho deserves a medal of honor for the soup…this episode’s MVP is Marsali ‘aren’t you gonna marry me?’ Fraser.

Favorite Moment: TURTLE. SOUP.

Biggest Annoyance: EL MALDITO COCO.

Best Line:  “ I am the Doctor” and  “Bolt the door”  are tied with everything Marsali says this episode.  



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