Wonder Woman: Twitter Reacts

In case you missed it – although, if you’re as nerdy as us, I’m sure you didn’t – a new trailer for Wonder Woman went live this afternoon. If it happens that you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can here. While this post doesn’t

This Just In: Miranda Announces Hamilton Mixtape

It’s November 3, 2016. The Chicago Cubs have just won the World Series for the first time in 108 years. And yet, news of this historic curse breaking has been overtaken on my Twitter feed by something that has been long awaited, if for a

Anime Tuesdays: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

When we talk about school clubs, we think we’ve heard it all. That is until you start watching anime and you find yourself face-to-face with the institutionalization of every crazy club idea you ever had. Did you ever wish aliens, espers, vampires, and evil organizations

The Nerdiest Halloween Costumes on TV

Even though it’s Monday and most celebrations were relegated to the weekend, today is officially Halloween. While some rejoice in the prospects of amassing candy, of scaring people, or of harnessing enough witchy powers to last until next October, I am going to focus on

Review: Shin Gojira

In the realm of cinema, there are only two sonic cues that really get my heart racing. One is the ear breaking trumpets of the Star Wars theme that go off as the title goes soaring into the stars. The other is the ponderous footstep

d20 Reasons You Should Be Playing D&D

You should be playing D&D (Or Pathfinder, Dread, Of Mice & Mystics, Edge of the Empire, etc.). Tabletop role playing games (RPGs) are making a resurgence. I’m currently playing a Pathfinder game as a half-orc druid who adventures with a gnome oracle, a half-elf ranger,

27 Dylan Thomas Quotes to Wreck Your Soul

Dylan Thomas was a Welsh writer whose poems were as magical as his homeland’s Arthurian legends. The problem was that he was just as prolific a poet as he was a drinker. As in, in 1953 he had one too many (18 to be exact) straight whiskeys.

5 Lesser Known Sylvia Plath Poems

Sylvia Plath would have turned 84 today had she not stuck her head inside an oven in the 60s. Yet, at least she lived her life to the fullest when it came to literature. Here are some of Sylvia Plath’s best, lesser known poems to

Weekend Reads: Rumble, Vol. 2

Rumble Vol. 2, John Arcudi & James Harren I’ve loved well written, engaging, amazingly illustrated monster stories for a long time. Being the fan that I am,  I picked up the first volume of Rumble on a whim after finding out that John Arcudi and James Harren have

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