Gaby’s Ultimate Halloween Movie List

Halloween is known for annoying children, borderline diabetes, and Tim Burton. This cocktail of stuff (that is most definitely not sugar, spice, and everything nice) is what helps me go from the ball of cynicism and sarcasm I usually am from January to mid October to

Spotlight: Christopher Stoll, Creator of Pokénatomy

2016 has been a great year for Pokémon fans. Really. Before Pokémon GO hit the mobile stores, Pokémon trainers were pretty much weird freaks until others caught on. (Others being closeted Pokémon lovers, because let’s be honest). But 2016 also brought us the breathtaking illustrations of Christopher Stoll. If

Weekend Reads: Southern Bastards

Southern Bastards, Jason Latour & Jason Aaron When Matt Murphy tells you to read a comic, you damn well better order it right away. Case en pointe: Matt told me that Here Was A Man, Vol. 1 of Southern Bastards, might be one of the

Madaya Mom and the Importance of Representation

Marvel and ABC News recently collaborated on Madaya Mom, a digital comic relating the story of a mother and her family in occupied Madaya, Syria. Through illustrations reminiscing those of our favorite superheroes, Dalibor Talajić brings to life the daily struggles of one heroic mother. Reporters

Review: Luke Cage [Minor Spoilers]

I loved Netflix’s Jessica Jones. By the time I had finished watching it, it had become my favorite superhero show. The original and deeply engaging story, mixed with incredible acting, interesting characters, and excellent production made for a memorable first season. At its release, I

Weekend Reads: Ghostland

Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places, Colin Dickey It’s October, which means that it’s time for Weekend Reads to get a little spooky. If you’re looking for something fascinating to read that will keep you up at night, and doubles as a road trip

Top 5 True Crime Podcasts to Tune Into

I’ve been prone lately to giving sidelong glances to strangers, keeping one earbud out at all times, and looking over my shoulder as I walk down the street in broad daylight. Nothing has happened to me personally to prompt this paranoia, except that my interest

Spotlight: Campaigners

In the not-too-distant future of Brendan Hyke’s brilliant web-comic Campaigners, presidential debates have been replaced with a hand-to-hand death match between opposing candidates. Kydra Hykes, a high school student who finds the current political system abhorrent, lashes out at a local reporter. Her rant soon goes

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