Riverdale Recap (S2E02): What’s in a Milkshake?

This Riverdale Recap for Season 2 Episode 2 “Nighthawks” contains spoilers.

Welcome back to our Riverdale Recaps, fam. Today, we discuss the strange dynamics at play in what is swiftly turning into my least favorite town. In this episode, Archie finds out about Ms. Grundy’s murder, Betty organizes an event to save the Pop’s, and Jughead tries to get FP a new lawyer.

Let’s start off by discussing some character development

At the beginning, Riverdale was praised for their faithful representation of Archie characters. Yes, there was some controversy regarding Jughead’s sexual orientation. But aside from that, the first few episodes of Riverdale where off to a good start.

Later on, Jughead became whiny, Archie didn’t upgrade quickly enough from aloof and self-centered to assertive and kindhearted, and now we have CHERYL. How can a character go through so many traumatic events like finding out her father murdered her brother,  her father hanging himself, and being saved from a suicide attempt and still find the life of the Vixen Queen fulfilling/entertaining?

I’m not a fan.

Also, can Jughead decide if he’s edgy or soft? The whole back and forth is mighty confusing. I have no idea who the guy is, and no. It is not because it’s a “reflection of teenage personality” or anything like that. It’s truthfully just sloppy writing. Not even the most unstable teenager goes through six different skins in one day.


But speaking of Jughead, let’s talk about him and Alice Cooper

Currently, Juggie is playing an active role in FP’s sentencing. He’s present while the State-appointed lawyer offers FP a “sweet” deal that would grant him a 20-year sentence. The lawyer assures the Joneses their best bet is to take said deal because the serving time could double if the case is moved to trial.

Jughead, being as stubborn as he is (only thing I’ll agree is a constant in his personality), seeks advice from the Serpents who suggest Jughead visit the Penny Peabody. Our girl Penny turns out to be a lawyer and “Snake Charmer” who gives Juggie the idea to get Cheryl to pardon FP before a judge so his sentence can be lessened. After some Betty extorsion, Cheryl agrees to testify in exchange for the last remaining copy of Jason’s murder tape. Of course, the episode doesn’t end without a phone call from FP warning Jughead never to get in touch with Penny Peabody again.

Now, let me get to the Alice Cooper part. Alice and Jug don’t share much screentime in this episode, yet we see a reporter-ready Alice sitting at Pop’s, typing away on her laptop much like good ol’ Jughead does. I wish the show would exploit the Alice and Jughead parallel more, especially with the lingering suspicions that Alice grew up a Serpent. I was hoping this season would focus more on that, but so far it’s been a slow burn…if any at all.

Archie Andrews plays detective once again

It’s not like Sherrif Keller is ever doing his actual job, so I don’t blame Archie for once again getting involved. The problem is, do I care if the Angel of Death is solely going after Archie? Nope. Do I care about anything in this show? Nope.

Veronica and Fam

Veronica is taking no crap from the Lodge household anymore. Unfortunately, she’s naïve enough to fall for a classic Hermione and Hiram Mess-Around, as Winston from New Girl would say. I feel for the girl, though. She wants to be both unbiased and give her parents the benefit of the doubt. After all, who wants to live in a reality where both your parents are psychopaths?

All in all, the Lodge family remains the most interesting, but it suffers from being surrounded by so many clichés. I don’t know. Is it too much to ask to have this show make my jaw drop sometimes?

Hi, Reggie. Bye, Moose.

So now that Reggie is being played by somebody who has time to shoot on set, Reggie has become the Drug Dealer TM of Riverdale High. He thinks he’s evil. He thinks he’s edgy. He’s neither of these things. Get this: Reggie dresses up as the Angel of Death and shows up at Archie’s house to scare him. Because that’s a fun prank. I can’t even argue about the moral standpoints of this prank because Reggie himself is quick to play his own joke down when Archie launches at him to punch him in the face.

You know what’s the problem with tween shows these days? They don’t have the emotional depth of previous tween shows like One Tree Hill. Reggie trying to instill some “wisdom” on Archie saying he can’t “act like this” because the “real killer” will have a gun was the most apathetic conversation I’ve ever seen.

And then they shot Moose and a weird girl I don’t know who was very into cocaine or whatever the hell “Jingle Jangle” is. I’m just glad this came right after a Pussycats rendition of “Milkshake.” Obviously how you save a diner.



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