Why Suicide Squad Is DC’s Latest Letdown

After having recently survived Suicide Squad, I have decided to voice my disdain and pitiful disappointment. First things first: Will Smith and Margo Robbie are the only things worth anything in this film. Sadly, the film is self-aware and thus relies on them too much. So much so that by the end of it, the endless stream of Harley Quinn’s slapstick remarks go from worth-a-laugh to please just STHAP.


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A Quick Overview of Suicide Squad

Now it isn’t that the film’s performances are uneven, but rather that the script hardly gives the actors a chance. From plot holes, to pure one-liners that should never be uttered, to Jared Leto’s perennially pre-coital Joker, this latest installment from the DC universe falls flat. And now, for some quick spoilers, and I won’t call this a warning because, sucks? After an opening first act that squabbles around to quickly introduce us to our rag-tag group of villains turned heroes, the film anticlimactically switches into high gear.

We learn that the ruthless Amanda Waller is forcing the villains: Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Diablo, Boomerang (most useless character ever) and…Monster T? Err right, Killer Croc–whose characterization isn’t blatantly racist of course, to comply with her orders or she will set off a device lodged in their necks and Kaboom. They will meet their end like Slipknot? Well, that dude that dies right away so the movie can make a plot point.


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The squad is up against the godlike witch Enchantress and her brother. Why, you might ask? Well, in an effort to escape Waller’s control over her, Enchantress devises a plan of vengeance. She releases her equally dangerous brother, who just so happens to be sealed in a statue casually sitting in Waller’s closet. Because of course, why would this statue be in a top-secret safe vault when it can just sit in Waller’s “locked” closet? Too bad Enchantress can teleport through walls. Oops.


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And So…

To fast-forward through the mess that the movie unravels into, Enchantress and her brother take over some city and wreak havoc. Meanwhile, Enchantress does some slinky dance and begins a spell (which takes her pretty much the whole movie) that can destroy everything. Eventually, our questionable heroes arrive and put an end to her plan and her dance.

Why It Is Not Worth Your Time

Suicide Squad is a movie with a good cast that was served a horridly mediocre script. In a moment where DC needs to recover from the mixed reception of Batman Vs. Superman, Suicide Squad is no savior. The film’s predominant issues are in its gaping plot holes and its inconsistent and pointless plotlines. The Joker here serving as exhibit A. He is turned into a tattooed, apparently bi-curious gangster, heavy on the bling with grills and seemingly halfway into an orgasm every time he speaks.

Joker Gif

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His love for Harley Quinn is perhaps the only validation point for his presence. He breaks into scene to free Harley during the second act just to be immediately trumped in his attempt and quickly dismissed off the screen. This is, perhaps, Suicide Squad’s one good writing decision.

To serve the film its dues–there are some laughs to be had. The actors DO do a good job and, if you can ignore its obvious shortcomings, the film “can” be entertaining maybe. Just not worth a 12-dollar movie stub. Better luck next time, DC.



One thought on “Why Suicide Squad Is DC’s Latest Letdown”

  1. jen says:

    Suicide Squad was a let down for adults and mature teens. There was no blood, the characters lack speaking roles and the humor was quite dry. Deadshot did great though. The fighting scene should be in an open area, NOT crowded building city, NOT soldiers turning into creatures and the villain should of been someone else or group of corrupted people. FUCKING STUPID, what a let down. The writings and producers could of done sooo much better

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